Why are you still on CAF when everyone else has gone to bed?


Come on. Be honest. And if you can’t be honest, make something up that sounds good.


Because normal hours are lame.



What makes you say that??

I was procrastinating going to bed mostly. I just downloaded Battlefield (demo) so was messing around a bit before turning in… don’t tell the others. It’s been awhile since I played fps games…had to give it up. :thinking: The graphics are pretty cool. I don’t think “girls” play fps games much, but I could be wrong.


Just kidding around mostly. I’m up because I work night shift and you kind of have to keep the same schedule all week.


:thinking: That makes sense. Watch out for the mogwai…they were hanging out on another thread, but now and then they have been known to “jump”. Turning in…finally. (I think. :sleeping_bed:)


It’s sometimes the only time I can get here, because I’m in a family of protestants who don’t know I’m Catholic…

Also I’m a writer, but computers are distracting especially when you can’t think about what to write next. It’s either CAF or Youtube lol.

Also this depends on time zones and stuff you can find people from pretty much anywhere here.


You’re not hardcore unless you live hardcore.

And sleep is not hardcore.


BTW, everyone is free to pet the cat, his name is Marbles and is quite friendly. The skeleton on the other hand is unpredictable, at best, in his responses and reactions. I have yet to get his name.


He looks like a Clinton to me… Just a suggestion…
Or a Randall.

(not trying to offend anyone named Clinton or Randall)


Some evenings I fall asleep in my chair while reading, wake up in the middle of the night, drop in here for a bit, and then go to bed.


Maybe it is because many of you live in a different time zone? So it is early evening and here I am, and where are you? Come on, live in the UK time zone and lets all chill together. :boom:


I’m a shift worker


Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night and can’t sleep so I get on the internet.
Also, I live in the Southwest, so I am 2-3 hours behind those in the eastern time zone.
If it is 10pm here, it is midnight or 1am on the East coast depending on daylight savings zone.
10 pm is still early for me. I usually don’t go to bed until midnight anyway.


Different time zones is a good one. I notice things drop off when the East Coast of the US goes to bed, then again when the West Coast drops off. Also of course, Europe/Australia/South America come on as convenient. People have different work schedules, some work at home, some have variations in their weekly hours. Some are retired, unemployed, school age, etc. etc. Insominacs of course.


Yes, Yes, I suppose these are all good answers, but I was hoping for some more metaphysical - existential answers while everyone else was sleeping…and most assuredly the world has not gone to bed just yet…so why be yee answering out of proper time zone parameters. It’s ok. Just remember to answer also when no one else is awake, because that is the most important time. Surely answering before Midnight Central is a small sin. But you didn’t know. (before now.) Carry on.:man_health_worker::woman_health_worker::man_student::woman_student::man_factory_worker::woman_mechanic::man_mechanic::man_farmer::woman_scientist::woman_pilot::man_firefighter::male_detective::woman_teacher::sushing_face::guardsman::vampire::mage:


Well, gosh I mean someone will see it, won’t they? I give that like 24-48 hours in my mind, after a post. I picture like three people reading a thread live at any point, everyone else is there later or on another thread. Just my view, not based on factual information.


Oh no, no, no. Posts only exist in real time. After that they are sucked into a great purple vortex of space and time. You mean that doesn’t happen on your computer?? :face_with_monocle:


You should see my unread totals.


Just trying to wind down… Although with the way the 'Should the Traditional Latin Mass be reinstated ’ thread going like it is and with me eating my proverbial popcorn, that won’t be for awhile.


Well, it’s 9;20 pm and I’m going for a run if that’s any indication of my sleep schedule at the moment. :face_with_monocle::scream::male_detective:

Do any of you regularly sleep 6 hours a night or less? I’m just curious. I really like my 9 personally.

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