Why are you still on CAF when everyone else has gone to bed?


Hmmm…I hope you enjoy his music, as well. :sunglasses:

OK, boys and girls, I bet no one came name this composer! (I should be impressed if you can, but other than that, no prize shall be forthcoming.)



HE LOOKS FAMILIAR! oO, I can’t remember…

Give me a hint? Era?


Early 20th century. I think most everyone would be introduced to him in Music Appreciation 101. This is when I first heard him, I believe. But he’s quite famous, in any case, I suppose.

I don’t like to give hints that are too big, but he has one very famous piece that goes from a single insturment to an orchestra.


lol if you hover your mouse over the picture his name comes up…


aargh …that is so cheating.


Unintentional, but yes, unfortunately.
It’s venial tho.

Oh and hey you said there wouldn’t be a prize and yet, I get to listen to Ravel!

What a guy.


I saw the name on the picture, but I have never heard of this composer.


That’s OK, 7S, I forgive you. :stuck_out_tongue: I first heard him in Music Appreciation. I think his most famous work is Bolero…

Start with the volume turned all the way up and then keep it there. :face_with_monocle:

You may not like it. It’s not classical classical music. I think it’s kind of interesting, though.


Thanks. I don’t recognize the piece, but I do like it. I never took any music appreciation classes.


All of you had better go to bed early tonight. You’ve been staying up far past your bedtime except for those folks in the land of the Kangaroos and other alternate time zones.

Marbles and I shall keep watch over Spirits Park tonight. The forecast is for partial to overcast poltergeists with a chance of goblins, but we should be fine. Marble is a formidable guardian, in spite of his docile appearance.

(Now and then, Slim, lends a hand, but he’s highly unreliable. :roll_eyes:)


Shut up and get me a beer.

Oh wait, wrong thread.



Huh? What?? I’m not sure we have any of your brand. Would you settle for a stale and moldy ale. We’re out of the good stuff for the rest of the week. Sorry.

…wait a minute…marbles just went down in the crypt we’ve got one last Pale Ale that is palatable for most of the living souls…After that, settle for what we have…

Your beer has gotten warm since you never came to claim it. Sorry.


OK, I think I’m gong to run…It’s cold and dark enough now. Most normal people are preparing for bed.


Don’t forget those rear blinkers…:+1:


Yes, mom. :stuck_out_tongue:


That would be hard, I think I’m too hold to be a shift worker. Doesn’t that mean your schedule changes a lot? Or it just means that you work unconventional hours but still on a regular basis? I think it’s easier when you’re youngere, but maybe not. I see older people at Wal-Mart, for example, working the night shift.


Hmmm…It seems like there are no good threads right now. (This may be an objective statement, but it probably is a subjective observation, don’t know.) Somebody please start a new thread that I will find interesting or I might have to make one up myself…:rage:


Well that’s what you get when you stay up too late :slight_smile: it turns into a bit of a ghost town :scorpion::cricket:


Think man,think! Rack your brains for a new topic and thread…


I like scorpions and grasshoppers (but not in my bed). That’s a good idea for a thread. Thanks. I’ll see if I might be able to work those into something. :thinking:

Yes, yes, a ghost town, How DARE people go to sleep when I’m still on CAF. It’s outrageous, really.

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