Why are you still on CAF when everyone else has gone to bed?


Fine, be that way.




Ha.Ill do my best mate.


Ok, everyone, I’m going to bed now. Don’t mind me. I’ll just go ahead and get the lights now. Wake me up if anyone posts something remotely interesting, or if you have something intelligent to say.


“SOMETHING INTELLIGENT” There I said it. :coffee:

So here I am pondering one of life’s great mysteries … Who or what tosses my duvet off my bed 4 or 5 times a night? I keep waking up feeling cold and then trying to find out if the duvet is on the left, right or over the end of the bed.

The monster under the bed is a myth, so I reckon it has to be someone who sneaks in over the ether, skipping on clouds tosses my duvet off the bed and quickly comes on here asking why people are on CAF when everyone else has gone to bed. Whoever is awake when I am asleep is a suspect. :female_detective:


Do you have a pet weasel? Or it might be a poltergeist? Or maybe you just toss and turn in your bed too much? Or perhaps the coefficient of friction between your duvet and the layer it is resting on is insufficient to maintain integrity in the vertical alignment matrix of your thermal insulation materials. :face_with_monocle:

(Or maybe you’re just making all this stuff up. :rage:)


No truly … I am speaking the truth. It seems like that duvet has a life of its own. It can’t be a poltergeist (night time prayers, the crucifix and picture of divine mercy. I have no pets (that I know of). All I know is that the duvet doesn’t stay where it should be . :innocent:


Sometimes I toss in the night,and can’t help checking what CAF is doing
it can be as busy as a hive when I’m asleep.


Hummmm Are you sure that you aren’t tweaking my duvet off my bed when I am sound asleep? Not that I want to accuse you, but are you sure that when you are tossing and checking CAF, you aren’t reaching out and pulling my duvet off?


Haha,no :slight_smile: Could be just an excuse to check what’s going on…like I do…
well,seeing I’m awake I might as well have a glass of water,might as well
check on shinanigans on CAF…


Tiptoeing once more through the echoe-y halls of CAF
Night shift is the creepy
And not a single paranormal occurrence just to jazz this place up


Ahh …you have a legit’ reason then :slight_smile: not :crazy_face: after all :+1:


It kind of feels echoey and silent here,eerie
Good idea…Jazz music!Thatll wake everyone !


Free form jazz (you have to listen to the notes they’re NOT playing, man)


Sitting here on break during the graveyard shift surrounded by pretzels and cookies and cake from the previous shifts party.
I should mosey on over to the “last thing I ate and drank thread”, but I am too ashamed…


Booo!!! Hello, Hello … oh dear I scared everyone away. :open_mouth:


Well ,I think you woke me up :slight_smile:
I did take a peak at CAF at 4;30 am…I could t help it,the site was practically humming with activity ,and the night was so warm, and the rain,and another glass of water ,


I like it here. It’s nice and quiet. I can think a little, pray a little, read a little.


I love to stay up late, but mass is at 8 am tomorrow, and it’s getting on towards mid-night. I guess someone else can turn out the light. :thinking::disappointed_relieved:


Good night Jamal. Sleep well.

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