Why are you still on CAF when everyone else has gone to bed?


So much for that restufl scene pictured above. I do know how to set the mood, don’t you think?


Take a close look at the usual expressions on the faces of my two guardian angels…they generally don’t change much…


Shhh :lying_face: you’ve woken me up again.4 hours sleep last night,so some catching up to do
So you were assigned twice as many,hmm…they do look a little ho hum ,here we go again… :joy_cat:


(wakes up)
(stretches and yawns)
Ahh, and a new day begins. What good things shall I find, that God has laid up in store for me today? :slight_smile:
Bless and praise His holy Name. :latin_cross:

Good morning, all. :slight_smile:
Or good night, as the case may be. :slight_smile:


OK, bed time is drawing near…but something made me laugh today that maybe will make one of you laugh, too.

(Provided that your son is not a member of the Queen’s Guard.)


Yes, it was pretty juvenille, I know.

I learned that their weapons are not actually loaded, but they do have a live clip they can insert into the rifle in emergencies. The bayonet is quite real, though.


Ahaha, most intimidating !:grin:


Ahhh night shift, glorious night shift.
Everybody’s working for the weekend, but I’m working ON the weekend!


Have you been doing night shift for long OScarlett?I admire those than can…I don’t think I could!


LOL more than ten years.
There’s pros (slower pace) and cons (tiredness) to it
…It’s a living.


My Sunday afternoon :slight_smile: cold and very unsummery



It’s not late tonight (7:30 PM - East Coast, USA) but I’m often on the Forums in the wee hours of the morning because I have insomnia.


Ugh, Mary_Ellen–that’s no good.
But the internet is “always” open, isn’t it?
Hope you can’t catch some zzz’s :sleeping:


Ok, boys and girls, it’s getting kind of late…and things are slowing down on the CAF freewayay. Just as an order of business… Marbles has been complaining that many of you are just walking by him in the cemetery without acknowledging him and giving him a quick pet. He’s not happy about this, people, so let’s try and do a better job this week. Thanks.

So, here’s a question for you, what is your favorite scary movie? Surely you must have one.

For my part, I think I am going to go with Brahm Stoker’s Dracula. There was one version that I really liked, but now I feel compelled that I ought to see all the good ones. (This may be due to the currently full moon, but that generally applies more to werewolves, oh well.) Let’s go with this one for tonight from 1979…


I like sci fi rather than scary…but The Cube was scary enough…:grimacing:


Well… I love Sci-fi… I think I’ll have to go with the original Star Wars that I saw at the movies when I was but a very young Paduan learner.


Now please, you night owls… You can at least say hi tonight, or do I need to send Lord Vader to persuade you?


Sorry, was weeding the garden :frog:



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