Why are you still on CAF when everyone else has gone to bed?


Wow, way to go…:joy_cat: it might cook my frogs though,:frog::grimacing:


How many miles to the gallon does that thing get, anyways?


Oh about 40 paces😐 or 7 seconds


Perhaps if we’re lucky we’ll destroy some Cane toads :wink:


…ahh. Midnight at the CAF. Nice and peaceful. :smile:

Blessings on all who read this post.


Yes! Theyre on the march for sure :frog::frog::frog:


East Coaster, of sorts, it seems. I’m in the mountains so it’s not too late yet.


East coast it is.


We should all go eradicate some Cane Toads! :australia: Carefully prepared, their legs are edible :yum:


Better that than an armadillo.


That’s how I kill spiders :spider::spider::spider:


Am working night shift and some dear soul decided to very decorate the facility.
Bless their heart.
It ain’t Christmas until you’ve got a giant flashing candy cane hanging on the wall


I prefer the edible ones. Could eat them all day.


I ate a bunch of candy and now I’m at that stage where I’m tired but also not tired and I want to sleep but I also want to stay up.

Also I’m a teenager and that’s my go-to excuse for most things :wink:


I so love to stay up late…it’s the getting up in the morning that kind of sucks. Pass the candy canes! (It’s ok to use being a teen-ager as an excuse for many things but you won’t get to keep it for too long.)


Candy canes? No way, I hate candy canes. I’ve been eating candy bars, The One Treat To Rule Them All


Chocolate has caffeine in it…no wonder you’re not exactly sleepy. How DARE you hate candy canes! :scream::rage::scream::scream::scream::scream:


Or dissolve them into tea :coffee:


hmmm that sounds pretty good!


Twix are the best.
Ya gotcher cookie food group, yer caramel food group and yer chocolate food group.
And because chocolate comes from a bean, and beans are GOOD for you…

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