Why are you STILL watching TV?


Just curious. With all the scientific data we know about television viewing, a lot of people apparently still spend a lot of their free time with television.

What keeps you watching it?


are you going to provide us with this scientific data (be warned I majored in Mass Comm and am familiar with most of the research in this area, esp. as relates to effects of TV on kids, so be accurate).

do you really want to know the answer, or do you want a platform for a rant? I suspect most people watch TV for the same reasons they engage in any other recreational activity–to recreate.


I don’t watch that much tv…except on the weekends. I like hearing the news…and I love EWTN. I think that TV can be a vehicle of good and a conduit of evil…it’s all in how much you watch it, and how much you rely on it for your recreation. If you spend oodles of time watching tv, and never do anything else–that is not healthy. I also like Lifetime…and sometimes, documentaries on HBO. I will say that there is a tendency to becoming lazy, when relying on tv too much for entertainment. But, then again–online usage also can be detrimental, too. It’s in moderation, and making sure you’re not watching immoral things, as well. That is key.


The Office
Forensics Files on Court TV.
The Investigators on Court TV.
Dirty Jobs with Mike Rowe on Discovery.
Bear Grills on Discovery.
Survivor Man.
Man Vs Wild
Cash Cab
Myth Busters
Animal Planet
History Channel

What’s wrong with any of those?


plain and simple because i am addicted if they had TV Annonmous i would join!! Lent is the only time of year i go without and i love not always being a “boob toob” but i always end up getting sucked back in.

I think for me i just want to escape for a few minutes from my life as a 24/7 mom.


My kids and I enjoy watching Dirty Jobs and Mythbusters together. I think they are both great shows. Those shows get my kids to think and it broadens their horizons. Those shows are entertaining and thought provoking. (no I have not needed to call the fire department to my house yet!!!)

Personally I like What Not to Wear - please someone nominate me!!! Food TV has alot of shows that I like to watch - the kids like Unwrapped where they get to watch how some of their favorite junk foods are made. I like Good Eats too.

I enjoy some of the Journey Home episodes - some guests are more geared to my interests than others.

I think for me i just want to escape for a few minutes from my life as a 24/7 mom.

I’m guilty of needing the escape too!!:thumbsup:

TV can be a vehicle of good and a conduit of evil…it’s all in how much you watch it

How true


The OP’s statement predicates that ALL TV is bad without giving reasons as back-up, or scientific evidence.

Simply stated, as Catholic90 set the tone, I watch because of:

Little People, Big World
Iron Chef
Good Eats
Design on a Dime
Real Estate Pros
Dirty Jobs
Jon and Kate with 8
Kids By the Dozen
The Unit
Law and Order
Pinky and the Brain
The Simpsons
Invader: ZIM (I love GIR!)
Property Ladder
Flip This House
The Journey Home
That’s Clever!
Look What I Made
Life Is Worth Living
Father Corapi
Life on the Rock (with or without Father Francis Mary)

Notice, I did not say my kids watch all those shows. My husband has his own viewing list, as well, and again, the kids do not watch all his shows.


I almost never watch tv anymore except for a few bits of news in the morning and maybe a few bits of a late show at night. I work long hours so I can’t watch it even if I wanted to. Everytime I turn it on I’m amazed at the junk people will sit through. At the gym they always have on law and order or the Simpsons…or Sex in the City…none of which is encouraging. I prefer a good book anyday or a movie rented from the library. :cool: :thumbsup: :shrug:


One exception I forgot to add is American Idol…I’m a big fan of that show. :o :thumbsup: :smiley:


I enjoy watching sports.


Why are you STILL watching TV?

I’m not; I’m STILL looking at my PC monitor. But maybe I’ll take a break and watch some TV now, however. Thanks for the suggestion!


Not Notre Dame’s football team this year, that’s for sure! :eek:


I like the New England Patriots and Boston College. I also like the NBA.


What scientific data are you referring to?
Specifics are always good. :wink:

I enjoy several shows… The Office, LOST, weather channel (LOL!), etc…
Oh… and I can’t exactly get tickets to EVERY Gator football game… gotta watch it somehow!?!

Why not?


Go Navy!! --KCT (Navy Mom)


I’ll vote for you if you vote for me!!! DEAL?

I also like Dancing with the Stars and the Unit (my husband lives vicariously through that show even though it can be cheesy and the spouses and too unbelievable)


I don’t watch TV. Period. At all. Even the news. TV has grown so insipid that I am impatient with it. The only channel I will even consider watching is EWTN.
Also, life after Seinfeld is really, really hard.


Football, Dallas Cowboys football

(we have a TV, but use only rabbit ears)

We do not watch much TV, kids watch some cartoons here and there when they are on.

We are not missing much!


We’re to the point where we’re not watching it a whole lot, so I’m wondering why we’re paying for it. We do have our subscription down to one up from the basics, but it does still cost about $40 a month. My husband is itching to have a DVR but every time he finds a “deal” it is only a “deal” for about 6 months. Then I remind him there is a very basic subscription we could go with…

I do like a lot of the shows that people have listed above, and there’s always football… we just aren’t ready to make to jump to no TV.


I’ll vote for you if you vote for me!!! DEAL?

Sounds like a deal to me!!! :thumbsup:

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