Why are you trying to silence me?


I thought the church was about helping people?


Who is trying to silence you exactly?


She made a rather abusive thread a little awhile ago which just got muted for 4 hours due to flags.


Just read that. Yeah, that should have been muted.




This OP actually sounds a lot like a woman who was suspended about a month ago who sent people abusive PMs.


I have already told you that you have been reported to the mods as you are actually recently suspended member MaryClare. Your posts are identical to hers, your allegations, your tone, your rhetoric, all are identical to hers. Making new accounts does nothing to hide your identity, as you evidently lack the ability to alter the style of your posts. Your aim is painfully clear: to sow dissension and discord amongst the fathful for the purpose of destroying Christ’s church. Please go away and cease your haranguing of decent people.


It is the exact same person. She has been reported.


We help people who want to be helped. It’s not our fault if you’re too prideful or obstinate to actually accept that help.


Thank you.


Then there’s no point in piling on here, is there? It’s been reported, let them check into it. Gr


She’s probably mentally ill. Don’t be too hard on her.


Yes, I don’t think we should speculate or invent motives for the OP. If you doubt her, flag and move on.


If she was genuinely raped, the place to go is the police and not an anonymous forum.

Also, I see you have just joined and you are coming to her defense as your first post. Interesting…


Let’s have some compassion, nonetheless. I’m praying for the OP.

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