Why Aren’t My Prayers Being Answered


I have a problem with viewing inappropriate material on the internet. I have prayed and asked God for help in dealing with this problem but haven’t seen any long term results yet. Sometimes I can go weeks or months without experiencing my problem but inevitably I stumble and fall because sometimes the temptation is just too great. Whenever I fall, it is only for a day or two and then I’m fine for a fairly long time until I fall again. To help combat the problem, I composed a prayer and say this prayer several times a day. The prayer goes like this.

“Dear God – I am sorry for any sins that I have committed against you, whether knowingly or unknowingly in words, works, deeds or thoughts and I ask and beg for your forgiveness. I repent all my sins for which I am truly sorry. I reject Satan but I embrace you, your love and your teachings and I ask that you please keep me away from sin, evil and temptation and I also ask that everything I say, do and think be pure and pleasing to you.”

I have often heard that our prayers are answered in God’s time, not ours, but can’t help and wonder why God is taking so long to answer my prayer. Jesus said, “Ask and you shall receive, knock and it will be open”. Well, I’m asking and knocking. On many occasions, I will say the above prayer followed by the Rosary hoping for extra help. I have been saying this prayer everyday for the last three years.

I would like to add that I have not lost faith, in fact, it is stronger than ever but I’m anxoius not to fall again (pernamently).



Here’s how you can overcome that problem. If you are really serious about it, this will work.

In addition to your prayers, combine a “punishment” / penance for each time that you fall. For example, resolve that each time you give into that sin you are forbidden from eating the next day. I know someone who did that very thing and they completely overcame the vice in about a month, and have been free from it from years.

Remember what Jesus said “this kind cometh out not but by fasting and prayer”. God will do His part, but we must do ours as well.


Remember that each time you fall and recognize how repulsive your behavior is to God you then pray for forgiveness and the strength to overcome temptation. Each time you become closer and closer to God. This goes for all of your sins. And that closeness that results from your constant “coming back” to God is in essence the answer to your prayer…The ultimate answer to any prayer is to be in complete union with God. Keep up the good fight and recognize the baby steps in the answers that you do receive…God Bless…teachccd :slight_smile:


Lets say you had a problem with getting drunk. You pray and pray “God, please give me the strength to over come this, I keep getting drunk”. You pray and pray and wonder why God does not answer your prayer.

One day, you awake from a drunken stupor and find words of flame written across the sky…

“If you don’t want to get drunk, do not buy a case of beer every week”.

God told us, if our hand causes us to sin, it is better to cut off that hand than to go to hell.

God provides us a brain and intelligence so we can avoid the near occasion of sin.

You battle internet porn. Then, sell your computer tomorrow.


I found that it’s best to rid the soul of the temptation through perseverence and prayer. Yes, he could get rid of the computer but is he really rid of the compulsion? Of course getting rid of the temptation helps, no doubt, but when he can sit at his computer and have no compulsion to move into those sites only then is he free.

Your advice is sound and I don’t mean to undermine it. But conversion must be in the heart or out goes the computer and in comes the movies or magazines…That’s my two cents…Actually through my own personal experience, it’s probably worth a little more than that. And as you can see, I still have my computer…God Bless…teachccd :slight_smile:


There was a time in the past when I prayed in this fashion to be freed of a similar problem. It did not happen because deep down I still loved that sin. I struggled for years back and forth and never totally became free of it until I got old. I think today that if I had become totally free of it, I would not have been able to realize that I still needed God, his forgiveness, and the sacraments. It was like the thorn in the side that St. Paul complained to God about, which God did not take away; probably to keep Paul humble.and able to identify with others.


Yes, Saint Paul did say that in our weakness we become strong…Good post…teachccd


If you’re battling Internet porn, I would recommend downloading some parental control software to block those sites and so that you don’t unblock them when the temptation is to great, just have a random giant password you know you’ll never remember like :sldfijesoihjaeovmsaoegimeargmaosmgf
I’d never be able to recreate that. Maybe that will work for you.


Thank you all for your help and recommendations. I did some heavey praying last night and now I believe it is out of my “system”. I don’t feel tempted anymore, but then again we’ll see how long that lasts. The last time I fell was several months ago. As I said in my original post, sometimes I can go weeks and even months before falling. In fact, I thought I had the problem licked when I went almost two years without any inappropriate activity.

As far as the suggestion about putting parental controls on the computer with a password that I know I will never remember won’t work. I tried that (but with a password I can remember). I’m not very computer savvy and when I did that I was blocked from ALL internet activity. I couldn’t control which sites I could visit and which ones I couldn’t. I could never figure that out and since I am required to use the internet when working from home it became very impractiable - I couldn’t do my job. I tried everything, no matter which “level” I selected I was still blocked from everything.


Funny… I was thinking about the passage kage_ar cited earlier.

It’s easy to see that Jesus was not being literal. If He was, the Apostles would all have been missing various body parts.

So what is the spiritual meaning of this? I agree with kage_ar, but I think there is further meaning besides simply cutting off a source of sin.

Think about cutting off a body part. Would it be easy? No, it would be hard. And sometimes this difficulty isn’t in being able to make ourselves, with a single resolve, give up a sin forever. Sometimes it means we have to work at it for the rest of our lives.

For instance, I’m a sober alcoholic. I have to keep my guard up. I loved the taste of good wine and bourbon, like I love the taste of chocolate - so the desire to taste them can still sneak through the “wall” of my love of sobriety.

It sounds to me like you are doing well in your fight. The problem is in your thinking that the fight is over, when it’s not. Since God does not seem to have blessed you with the complete removal of temptation, perhaps you should be praying for God to bless you with the ability to resist it.

When I’m tempted by the memory of how good it tasted going down, it helps me to remember how “good” it tasted coming back up. Perhaps you could pray that you remember, when tempted, how awful you will feel when you realize you’ve failed again.

To God (not me) be the glory,



Because the bible says we must worship God in spirit and truth.
Make sure that all your ideas about God hold up to scripture… then repent of anything that doesn’t line up. Then God will be faithful and answer your prayers.

I’m praying for your deliverance.


Remember, too, that we will have our battles with temptation all our lives. I won’t go into my temptations, but once it was, to me, worse than looking at porn. It would have been something incredibly easy to do. Thank God I didn’t actually do it.

Keep praying. As someone has already posted, it’s through times like this that we realize how much we need God.


I’ll never understand the attitude that God must always answer yes to a person’s prayers.


I am no Theology scholar but I think that God wants to see us overcome our weaknesses ourselves. He wants to glorify us. How much more glory is there if you fight and fight and fight and struggle with all your might and finally overcome your weakness yourself out of love for God? It would make you so strong and so pleasing in the sight of God. He could easily answer your prayer, but He knows YOU can do it. Remember, He will never give you more than you can handle. Also, never think you have overcome it…DANGEROUS!!!..that’s when it will sneak out and get you. Be weary of it always!!! Good luck! Oh and if you want to block those sites but need a password you can remember try something to the extent of “Jesus was crucified for me”, “Hail Mary full of Grace.” or maybe even “Satan welcomes you…enjoy.” God Bless!:slight_smile:


You do realize that internet porn is an addiction. Sex addiction is an addiction same as alcohol and other addictions. You need to recognize illness needs attention. Counseling and even medication help us to control an illness. Why does God not remove this “thorn” permanently? Its constant reappearance means that he is using it to bring about a greater good, not just for you but for others and especially other addicts. Continue along the road, searching for health it will lead to 12 step rooms. And by all means, God wants you to know that He loves you. The first thing they will tell you in program is to go out and buy yourself a great big ice cream sundae. You aren’t bad, but you are sick and in need of healing. :slight_smile:


I personally believe that prayers are more like motivators. Perhaps it is God’s way of saying that it is your place to do something about it. Bear in mind:

Give a man a fish, and you’ll feed him for a day; give him a religion, and he’ll starve to death while praying for a fish.

I hope that helps.

Ironically Yours, Blade and Blood


:slight_smile: Dear Mark, We are all sinners saved by grace,and we have all sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. Submit to God and have a buddy pray also for you for strength,but Mark learn to forgive yourself and ask the Lord to cleanse you and your mind and to give you,his peace which passeth all understanding.I have a problem with eating ever since my daughter died and I know better but there I am at the food again,getting fatter and fatter.I try so hard and then I stumble, and sometimes it;s to keep us humble. (the spirit is willing but the flesh is week)Remember Paul? You are doing the right thing though,you keep picking yourself back up. I dont know your circomstance but Paul did say not to burn in the flesh but to marry if you cannot keep celibencey I proberly spelt that wrong,sorry.I have a prayer partener and if you like we will hold you up in prayer?All I can say is that you are substatuting fleshly contact with visual,and if you think it in your heart, you still sin.One is as bad as the other.Does this help at all? You sound like a beautifull person,dont give up,read the bible Try with Hebrews 9 ( also chapters 10 and 12.God bless you and all your endevers.love of Christ Nancy:)


First, take responsibility. Dont tempt God by wanting Him to throw your lap top out of your window by supernatural force… You have to choose LIFE for your self. You are placed infront of a choice.
When you are wathing porn - yes call it by its name - you are throwing your virginity, innocense and purity out the window.
Ask yourself if you wish to find these virtues in your future spouse… if yes, then try to make your self deserve her.
Also ask your self if the women on the computer would be equally attractive to you if you suddenly saw that you knew one of them personally… she was your sister, your mother, your cousin… your best friend. What would you do? you would shield your eyes and wonder how this creature that you loved could hate her self so much and you wish you never saw something so attrocious again
The secret to holiness is to see Jesus in every person… if that does not work then see the Virgin Mary in them… see a family member in the eyes of these broken sinners. Its not very arousing to stand face to face with a person who has lost all self respect.

JESUS said: whatever you did to one of the least of these sisters of mine, you did it to Me.



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