Why aren't enough Anti-Communist movies?

I ask this, because all I see are movies condemning Nazism. Nazism is certainly evil no doubt. I’ve never seen one movie condemning Communism. Why is that?

Could it be Hollywood’s bias towards liberalism? I tend to believe so, given it’s heavily anti-Christian agenda. And Hollywood’s notorious for making anti-Christian movies.

While there was the Cold War, the U.S. and the Soviet Union never actually squared off, unlike WWII when we were fighting the axis powers in Fascist Italy, Nazi Germany, and Japan.

Personally, I think it has more to with, and make no mistake about it, Hollywood’s promotion of anal sex, same sex unions, pedophile sex, abortion, contraception, anti-catholicism, euthanasia and their naked hatred of religion in general.

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Could you clarify this a little bit. Why is “Hollywood’s promotion of anal sex, same sex unions, pedophile sex, abortion, contraception, anti-catholicism, euthanasia and their naked hatred of religion in general” a reason for Hollywood not making anti-Communist films? In other words, what does say anal sex has to do with Communism? Or Hollywoods bias for liberalism, why could that be a reason for not making anti-Communist films??

Sorry… just be a bit more specific here, add some missing links to the chain!

Sorry, I guess what I’m saying is that Communists promote no-religion in general right? Well Hollywood with it’s promotion of abortion, contraception, euthanasia, same-sex unions, display the same kind of hatred towards religion. Hollywood and Communism in general display a real vile hatred towards religion.

Abortion was promoted by Nazism too, and Nazism also displayed a vile hatred towards religion. So I think the reason must lay somewhere else.

That said, as a Hungarian whose parents and grandparents greatly suffered from the misery Communism brought on my country, I would welcome more anti-Communist movies. But perhaps, more importantly, really good and brutally honest documentaries.

Many people forget that the Nazi’s were socialists arch-leftists, socialists of the rankest sort. Why’s that so hard for people to remember?

There are so many reasons. Look at what happened in Tallin not long ago. Some people finally realised that a Soviet war memorial has no place in a free country, and Moscow had the face to be hurt.
People have not yet been able to realise that Communism was just as evil as Nazism, and even more people died because of Stalin than because of Hitler.

I had an awesome Political science teacher who once said, “When it came to killing people Stalin made Hitler look like a rank amateur”. But there is a bias because anytime you here someone quantify how evil someone is they inevitably compare them to Hitler.

I don’t think you think ‘socialist’ means what they thought it meant. They were reactionary nationalists.

There are plenty of anti-totalitarian movies of every sort; however, the totalitarians who made the most impact on the human imagination were the Nazis. That’s the only reason I can think of for their greater representation – it has nothing to do with buttsex.

Have you watched ‘The Hunt For Red October’ lately? The Manchurian Candidate (there was a recent remake, even)? Dr. Strangelove? Every James Bond flick up to the last decade or so?

Admittedly, these are more hyper-jingoistic anti-national thrillers and not so much thoughtful anti-ideology movies… however, the former seems to be about what you’re looking for. I haven’t seen very many deep treatments of why the Nazis were bad either; Schindler’s List is the exception to Raiders of the Lost Ark’s rule.

“However, the totalitarians who made the most impact on the human imagination were the Nazis.”

Why?(was it the racial superiority thing, the antisemitism or the efficiency of the blitzkrieg?)

You can’t rule out the soviet communists…They fired up our imaginations-Red scare, cold war etc.

I think what you had with these two groups (nazis and Soviets) is that we label them leftist and rightist but they were both so radical that they were almost overlapping in areas.

You have a point: I can imagine McCarthyism is still a red flag in the US, so an anti-Communist film may have different implications in the US than in Europe. Being anti-Communist could be confused with McCarthyism, and people would get the message wrong.

As for overlapping: few people know that Stalin was extremely anti-semitic. Besides, Nazism and Communism are not the same as what we call right or left today (in happier countries), so I prefer not to refer to totalitarian regimes with these terms.

I agree with the terms right and left meaning something different to Americans and Canadians too. That’s why it aggravates me to hear that those on the “right” are facist and even when someone just lumps the “left” all together as a “bunch of commies”.

There is a certaing taboo against labeling people communist due to the the McCarthy legacy. But nature of communism is what brings that about because they did secretly infiltrate many political and religious organizations.

That’s true - I think a good film on the topic should not deal with the McCarthy part of it at all. BTW, I’m not sure it is the nature of Communism to “secretly” infiltrate a country - they did it quite openly and brutally in Europe… secret agents and conspiracy are common to all extremists.

I tend to look at Communism as a deadlier form of terror than whatever is going on today. Perhaps a film could utilize this today - alas, nobody launched a “war against terror” back then…

I find it amazing when the left ignores the socialist/communist totalitarianism. Look how cushy Hollywood is with Castro with many prominent Hollywood types meeting with him. Just think how much they idolize a killer like Che. There there is Chavez who is actually doing the things they say Bush is doing in our country by consolidating control. It comes down to if you are sympathetic to some ideology you are more likely to ignore the bad stuff.

Weren’t the big movers and shakers largely Jewish? But the Jewish people in Hollywood have strong reason to hate Nazies more than commies. The left of today are not the idealistic people of the 1920s. They are hardened, cynical promoters of the old Caesar cult.

The Jewish influence in communism and the US media is the real reason although many will condemn my statement as anti semitic.

Aye, and more often than not they are the biggest capitalists who ever walked the face of the earth…

but what exactly is COmmunism? Putatively it is an idealogy that is in support of the rights of the peasants, the poor, the guy who works 50-60 hours a week. Notwithstanding, this evaluative goal has been far removed from the communist agenda. Take a look at CHina for instance. It is still, nominally communist, but people are suffering from extreme poverty because of huge income gap disparities. The foundation of Communism is something that should remain, (giving more oppurtunities to the poor) however the implementation of communism via Maoism, LEninism, etc. should be abolished.

It is a lot more than that. Like all ideologies, Communism evolved over time into what it was used for. And over time, it came to include atheism, and contempt for everyone who did not work 50-60 hours a day. Even at the very beginning, it contained absurdities like the abolishing of private property. And today, there is no point in trying to go back how it all began in the 19th century, because we cannot do away with the last hundred years or so.
No, Communism should not stand. The social principles advocated by the Church should stand. That is about social justice, but not about the nonsense, the cruelty, the abomination of Communism.

Hatred of class enemies, as such, is indeed an intrinsic part of Communism. And it’s far from dead. American academia has large chunks of it. Communism is built upon fomenting hatred between the “proletariat,” the “bourgeoisie” and the aristocracy.

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