Why aren't pro abortion politicians excommunicated?

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Pro Abort Catholic Politicians are disallowed from receiving Communion.

Canon Law 915

That said - Heterodox Catholic Clergy turn a blind eye - and allow them Communion

“Diallowed from receiving Communion” is not the same thing as “Latae sententiae excommunication”.

Please read the thread. It contains very complete explanations from Father, Dan the Canon Lawyer, and others.


Better that than the Church appearing to turn a blind eye in my opinion. It’s not like what has been tried worked.

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There’s a larger question that should be asked: "why don’t the Catholic laity “excommunicate” pro abortion politicians from office by working for prolife candidates? In my mostly Catholic area the Prolife Party disappeared due to lack of workers.

There’s a whole industry of websites that scrutinize every current event or issue to discern a bishop blame connection. So if the laity allow a proabortion man to start at Town Council, then get elected up the ranks to very high office with no Prolife opposition over two decades…then suddenly it’s the Bishop’s fault for not excommunicating him now that he’s governor?


I live in NY. Many of the Catholics I know support the Democratic party, including our pro-abortion governor. It is mind blowing to me.

The Leftist Media influence in NY is very strong…

It is not yours to judge.

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