Why Aren't We Taking about Mental Health?


Netflix recently introduced a new series.


Ok, how about the 1970s when Sen. Eagleton was forced to drop out of the Presidential race because he’d had mental health treatment for depression?

There’s been a stigma associated with mental health treatment at least through the 90s. It only started to go away when huge numbers of people started getting put on meds like Prozac and being told they had a brain disease or chemical imbalance instead of being told they had terrible parents or just weren’t trying hard enough in life.


I told my doctor at the time: “Anything but Prozac.” In my case.


Is that a touchy subject for you? That is something I’ve wondered


The points you have been making remind me of my own experiences in high school. I was almost expelled my senior year because the school deemed me “depressed.” This was a small school with little in terms of funding, so they tended to punish good people for fear of lawsuits. It did not matter that I had the highest GPA in my class every year, was responsible, followed the rules, etc. The problem was that I was 1. different and 2. called them out when they refused to do anything about a problem teacher. I thought to myself then and still I think to myself now that, had I been a white male, I would have been treated like a potential school shooter.

I worry that all of this emphasis on mental health would 1. increase stigmatization of people with mental illnesses as dangerous and 2. lead to people who are healthy but simply different or just reacting due to extreme situations to be deemed mentally ill and treated as such.


I believe the main problem is that we (humans not Americans) have NEVER agreed on what to do about and who pays for it.

  • Public mental institutions have the stigma (valid or not) of being cruel and cold places.
  • There are many disagreements between psychiatry and psychology regarding these issues, esp regarding therapies
  • The theist vs atheist arguments regarding the role spiritual health has on mental health
  • etc

So while there is agreement on the fact there is a mental health issue, there is very little agreement regarding what to do about it.

It’s not just a left vs right thing… but again it’s also

  • left vs left and right vs right
  • psychiatry vs psychology
  • theist vs atheist
  • natural science vs social science
  • “protect loved ones from them” vs “loved ones should protect them”
  • etc.

Plus, there is the Hollywood money aspect. The violence and sex in Hollywood is doing damage to society and to our mental health. But because they make so much money, they are unwilling do to anything about it.

Finally, as a society, we have removed God, esp Jesus Christ, as a fundamental building block of society. When you remove Christian values, other warped ideas replace it and screw people up.

God bless


Yep, the Donna Reed Show was good, but I preferred Ozzie and Harriet and I Love Lucy. Father Knows Best every once in a while. A very good role model.


It is up to each of us to avoid bad social behaviors and realize the media has been gradually poisoning us over a 40 year period to accept a little bad, a little more and a little more, until today. Stop watching most TV. Stop seeing movies where bad to very bad behaviors are modeled as good or average or normal. I see maybe one or two movies a year. I don’t need to see Bad Moms or Bad Teacher or Bad Santa - or any other sick and debased behavior. That’s not entertainment. Try to pray more and read your Bible more, plus go to Catholic web sites and news sources.


If a person sees a danger sign, that person has been provided with a sign.

Besides, what kind of ‘love’ would it be to let a danger sign go uncorrected?

Many have graduated from Highschool although they cannot do Senior Level math… How is this possible?

If Chronic Absenteeism goes unchecked, is there ANY chance of graduating?

What is the State’s Law pertaining to Mandatory school or Compulsory Education?

Compulsory education refers to a period of education that is required of all people and is imposed by law. Depending on the country, this education may take place at a registered school (schooling) or at home (homeschooling).




Say What? Education is a nightmare??? Well… I guess this man is exempt from the nightmare, huh?

I correct you danger sign! I correct you ‘nightmare’! Go away in The Name of Jesus Christ! Amen.

LORD, please take this danger sign and all its dangers away. In Your Son’s Name, Jesus Christ, I ask. AMEN!

and *poof, it was gone.

it’s just vain repetition now… ( a broken record ) ( a skip on the record )


As bad as the ACLU is, it simply doesn’t have that power. You’re off in some other universe if you think that various institutions don’t have the power to “restrain” people.

The one time I managed to find myself in a psychiatric ward, which was a HORRIBLE place for many reasons, one of the first things they did was to show me a plastic board with restraints (basically a big, hard, plastic version of a straightjacket) and threatened me (and every other patient that came through) that if I “got out of hand” they would forcibly strap me to the thing, despite the fact that I had displayed no violent behavior whatsoever. They also brought in a police offer to try to intimidate me into being stripped naked because I refused to undress in front of a male orderly (call them what you like but that’s what they are) and objected to being stripped like a prisoner simply because my physical illness was so out of hand thanks to our sh!te medical system that psychiatric symptoms were manifesting; that is, because I was in the closed ward. Two of the ward nurses were mean and cruel and one even flat out said “you’re right, I don’t care” when I was crying and begging for some juice because the water was so heavily chlorinated I couldn’t drink it and was severely dehydrated. Because I was in the closed ward, “there wasn’t enough money” to give anyone more than one small carton of juice or milk, despite the thousands of dollars the taxpayers ultimately paid for my stay. If I hadn’t been afraid of being restrained, I would have gotten “out of hand” on that wretched woman, trust me. So whatever garbage someone told you about the ACLU having some omniscient power to stop people from being restrained should be shoved back into their lying mouths.

Also, thanks for putting “evil” and mentally ill people into the same category. Surely in your mind (which considering your statement may be less than sound!) they must go hand in hand. Typical ignorant American who sees everything in a political, black or white way. What you said and how you said it proves that you care NOTHING about the mentally ill and only about whatever skewed political ideas you have, and for that, you can kindly bugger off.


The ACLU engages in lawsuits, the fallout from which which applies to millions of people.


The thing is, there really are reasons for these lawsuits. And the reason is to ensure that we aren’t using restraint unnecessarily, simply because it’s more convenient for someone else.


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