Why bash Catholics rather than Orthdox, Anglican, etc.?


Why is the Catholic faith the one most criticized and demonized by fundamentalists and evangelicals? Why do I rarely (if ever) hear the Orthodox churches belittled, or the Anglican churches? I’m just curious why we are particularly detested.


Because the Bible prophesied that the true Christians would be persecuted? Just a thought…


Same reason why Christians are generally bashed more than other major religions. So are we more than other Christian denominations. But don’t worry. There’s no god but God and Ratzinger is His prophet. You can always say, “God still loves you,” with a confident smile and watch as they run from the wacko. :smiley: It strengthens you.


Because in the marketplace of ideas the Orthodox and Anglicans spend most of their time under the radar.


'Cause the devil hates Catholics most because we have the whole TRUTH and so “riles” up folks to hate us even more. You know he just wants to bring us down from the most wonderful thing. Jesus said we should be joyful if persecuted, so we might as well!


You need to read further. If you don’t think Orthodoxy or Anglicanism gets bashed a-plenty, you’ll be in for a rude awakening. It’s human nature. Many people - even with good intentions - bash what that can’t believe or agree with. Don’t even think it only happens to Catholics.

Keep the faith!:thumbsup:


In the United States, there are roughly 4 million Eastern Orthodox and Anglicans, combined. In comparison there are almost 51 million Catholics. If you’re “fishing for souls”, which waters seem more productive to you?


nailed it

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