Why be a Catholic?


The truth is this, that God is love and His love is fully expressed in Jesus, who sacrificed His life for us so that we may have life. Without His life, which is unconditional love, we have no life. His life, which is true love, is the only truth, because, only true love can not die (because it has no conditions attached). His love is imprinted on our heart; it is to love others undconditionally. When our senses, reasons and intellects resonates in unison with God, we have true peace. The selfishness of the World takes us away from reality. It teaches us that self is most important. This takes us away from true unconditional love. The World teaches us that it is OK to contracept, have abortion, destroy human beings in their embryonic or fetal stage so that we can benefit, divorce our spouse, take revenge and fight for our interest. True love, which is self-giving teaches us that we must always be open to receiving children(because that is self-giving); we can not take the life of another human being (even in a fetal or embryonic stage), because, true love loves every life and does not prefer one life over another, or does not have self-interest in mind; divorce is never right,because, true love never dies (because it has no conditions attached to it) and we should love our enemy and do good to them (capital punishment is therefore not right). To perpetuate His life of love Jesus established His Church, gave it authority to teach; and it is the Catholic Church that maintained His teaching alive to the fullest extent for 2 thousand years and teaches the truth about issues mentioned above. It is also through the Catholic Church that we are fed by the body and blood of Christ (in the Eucharist). Unless we eat His flesh and drink His blood we will not have life within us (John 6:53). It is also the Catholic Church which protected the Bible, by disallowing other non-inspired books (that were floating around in the first 3-4 centuries after Jesus)) from entering the Bible. The truth (which is unconditional love of God) sets us free, because when we are selfless, we are freed from hate, anger, jealousy, revenge, and anxiety. We have a choice: to accept the **TRUTH, **and set ourselves free, or to reject the truth and keep our selves bound by selfishness.



I have nothing to add. You did a marvelous job in your opening post.


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