Why be a priest?

Why do young men give up so much to be a priest?

Beautiful video! :slight_smile:

Did you listen carefully?

I had to watch it more than once. The way some of them spoke was distracting me from their words the first time. The following eventually left me with a positive impression:

Br. Moses Won, nLC
“What really attracted me to the priesthood was my personal, really powerful experience of God’s mercy in the confession. How God’s mercy is really infinite. That’s why I want to be a priest: to be able to bring the mercy to others.”

Br. Riley Conners, nLC
“It means to do something for a world that obviously doesn’t have God. When I look around at all of my old high school friends … and all of my old friends basically, I see that a lot of them don’t have God. And I want to do something about that because it’s hard. It’s hard to watch.”

Br. Hunter Winans, nLC
“God has shown me great mercy in my life, and more than anything I’d like to bring that mercy to others.”

Br. Curtis Hettrick, nLC
“For me to be a priest means to be a shepherd of souls, and to bring the love and mercy of Jesus Christ to all those souls who are longing for Him.”

Br. Andrew Wing, LC
“To be a priest I think, above all, is really to bring God to others. It’s to bring that love of God to those people out there who really need it, and who really need that message of hope.”

However, there were others I would prefer to not quote. My impression is that they don’t think they’re just going to be another Pope. They think that they’re going to be another Christ. They also seem to think that their occupation is so demanding that it’s equivalent to suffering crucifixion.

To me, that is offensive, not beautiful.

Of course, it’s possible that they don’t actually believe what they said, and that they were simply aiming for an effect, without thinking about the actual meaning of their words.

But in fact priest is alter Christus, another Christ; he acts in persona Christi, with power of ipse Christus, Christ Himself… Especially during Holy Sacraments - Holy Mass; he says: “This is my Body” not “This is Christs Body”… Do not forget… Priest must forget himself in order that Christ could act trough Him and in Him… That’s mystery… :slight_smile:


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