Why Be Catholic?


I watched a delightfully entertaining show on EWTN Sunday night with Dr Ray Guarendi as the funny and informative speaker. He was speaking before a men’s group on the topic of why he decided to revert back to Catholicism. Even if you aren’t interested in the topic you will be entertained with his brilliance and humor. It is repeated (Eastern times) Tuesday May 1 at 2:00pm and Friday May 4 at 4:00pm.
One interesting point he made was …why should a Christian believe a tiny wafer IS REALLY the body of Christ? He gave a scientific explanation that when Christ was conceived he was only one cell. He then asked his Christian friends…was that really Jesus. A good Protestant would say “yes”. Ray then says that no one could see Jesus in that one cell but it actually was God at the time of conception. I won’t ruin the punch line and how he connects that to the host until after May 4 in hopes that some of you will watch or TIVO the show. It is well worth your time.


I will see if someone can tape it for me. Right now no cable. Maybe I can see it on their website? I wonder.

Thanks for letting us all know about it.


You’re welcome. Yes, do watch it on the website. Pop some popcorn and have a cool drink ready. It is entertaining.


I saw it too - wonderful! I love Dr. Ray and listen to him on Relevant Radio. I do wish he was on for a few hours per day.


My husband and I were watching that yesterday. He’s a really great speaker and makes some excellent points. Big :thumbsup:


Yes, that’s the same Dr. Ray from the Catholic radio show “The Doctor is In”. It’s more fun to watch him on TV because his face and entire body are so expressive. He looks well rested for a man who along with his wife adopted 10 children. God bless him! Please feel free to comment on the show after the final May 4 showing.


Great presentation by Dr. Ray. But I can’t believe he started it off with that old joke about Moses, Jesus, and an old man golfing!


Yes…but you can see it again right now either on your computer or EWTN tv. As of right now you have a couple minutes to start popping the corn…

Corn for the corn!! :rolleyes:

That was the only bad joke but he told it so well, didn’t he!!::stuck_out_tongue:


I don’t get ewtn- Can someone tape this on vhs or dvd or can I buy a copy - Could send it to me? I am watching it right now on the computer but I have no way to save it. It is awesome. I would love to share this with my husband. Deana :slight_smile:


Disregard my above post. At the end of the program they posted a website where you can order a dvd copy of the program :slight_smile:


Funny you should say this…I saw him in person awhile back and had the opposite reaction. He looked very**, very **tired - I would have actually described it as ‘haggard’. It really caught me off guard. Based on how energetic he sounds on the radio I expected someone more vibrant. Once he started his talk he was very animated and energetic, but his face still looked very drawn and well, exhausted. It was almost like he went into auto-pilot mode for the talk. Maybe he had a particularly rough week. I can’t imagine how he handles it all - family, radio, books, seminars…


I’ll rephrase it, Why not be Catholic?

For the first 1000 years or so all Christians were Catholic as there was none other. Then the great schism occurred and you had the Catholics and the Orthodox. It remained as such for about 500 years and a few people decided they knew better than everyone else and started their own religion. Martin Luther started the Lutherans, John Calvin the Presbyterians, Wesley later started the Methodist. See where I am going. For almost 1500 years Christianity, both east and west was centered around the Eucharist, the Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of our Lord. All of a sudden a few started something and it spread, but it is not Christian. You can’t follow Luther to heaven, or Calvin or Wesley, because they are not likely there.

You can’t take Sacred Scripture out of context and make it say what you want it to. This is a common error today, especially among fundamentalist.


I appreciate your defense of the question “Why Be Catholic”. But, the reason that was the heading for this thread was because I was alerting people to a wonderful talk on EWTN that was being repeated last Tuesday and again tomorrow Friday May 4 on EWTN. Friday is the last chance to either watch, tape or TIVO it. It is also on EWTN tv website at the same time. Read the first post #1 where I tell about the humorous and informative show. Then, deanarrca posted in #10 a website address where people who didn’t have EWTN tv could buy a copy of the tape. I hope you have the chance to watch it Friday.


Shows what I get for not reading the entire thread, sorry. I also didn’t mean to insult anyone or demean them. I will watch if I am home.


I was too vague in my thread title. My mistake. I am happy to hear you will try to watch (or tape?)




That is a great page, but what is not directly mentioned there is a miracle occurs every time mass is said, anywhere in the world. Our Lord is there, in more than just words, is actually there. How can a person claim the title of Christian, yet deny Our Lord? St. Peter did, but following that he was instructed to feed our Blessed Lord’s sheep. This he has done, through his successors ever since. We not only feast on the word of God but also the Word of God, that became flesh and dwelt among us. It is truly a miracle. Christ told St. Thomas, “Blessed are those who have not seen and yet believe.” We believe that Christ is truly, really and fully present in the most Holy Sacrament of the Altar, the Holy Eucharist. This is the real difference between Catholics and others who call themselves Christians. We believe He is here with us in the Eucharist, they are still waiting for His “second coming”.

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