Why Be Muslim?

For our Muslim guests, I would like to understand your best responses to this question: Why should I embrace Islam?

Please give me your best reasons for embracing the faith.


I think a better and less confrontational approach would be to ask why they are Muslim.

Nope. This is an apologetics forum. Therefore, I am interested in hearing the best of their apologetics.

In other words you are looking for an argument instead of an actual discussion. Very well, I’ll leave you to what I assume will be a short lived and fruitless thread.

Don’t jump to conclusions as to his intent. This very well could be an interesting thread.




The idea of having multiple women, sweet wine, endless fruit and luxurious couches sounds enticing to me :hypno: I bet Satan just added another badge for himself for enticing these poor followers of Islam by offering them carnal pleasures as their reward.

I heard one Muslim apologist say “we cover our women so we are not tempted to do anything with them. We are saving the pleasure until we reach janah”. The idea of the Muslim paradise is a reflection of the fallen nature of mankind left unamended. If they let Christ enter their hearts, then the idea of having multiple women would repulse them.

God bless,

I hate it when a question is directed to Muslims, and a whole bunch of Catholics respond, or vice-versa…

You’re not helping by adding your post resulting in more Catholic responses :hey_bud:

I’m not answering the question directed to Muslims, but you did. I was posting a comment, you were posting an answer, when the question was not directed to you.

sorry, not a muslim, but also interested in this topic…just had this conversation with my spouse over the weekend…


Sit back and enjoy brother, care for a popcorn? :popcorn:

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Asalaamu Aleikum sisters and brothers!

My Muslim name is Zhati and I grew up Italian Catholic.
In my youth I pursued the religious life and for 7 years intended to become a Sister. However, Before this ever transpired In my early 20’s i fell in love and married.
I fell away from the Catholic Church, although my children were baptized, as I explored other eastern paths.
Four years ago, having completely fallen away from all organized religion, i came upon a group called the Sufis.
They spoke of Love as the Essence of God and the central Truth of all religion…They spoke of the teachings of Jesus (alayhi salaam)in the highest reverence and modeled their own schools of thought on His teaching, as well as the Prophet Muhammad (sallallahu wasselim), the central Prophet of the tradition.
When I finally stepped foot into their dergah (mosque) the flood of love and sanctity that I first knew as a child adoring Jesus’ Sacred Heart in the Blessed Sacrament came rushing back to me.
It took Muhammad to bring me back to Jesus!
In our teaching, they are Brothers…and Mary is, in Islam as well as Christianity, the most Blessed of all women that has ever lived. Indeed, the Muslims devotion to Maryam as they call her may even surpass many Christians that Ive known!
This is why I am a Sufi Muslim.
So to answer your question, Why should you embrace Islam I say…You shouldnt. Not unless God has spoken to your heart the way He spoke to mine…
But regardless of which religion you are a believer of…there is only one Truth that calls itself by many different names…Muslim, Jew, Christian, Buddhist, Hindu…
And that Truth is Love!
Peace to all of your hearts!

Thanks for your response. You didn’t explain why you fell away from the Catholic Church. Can you share with us why you choose not to embrace Catholicism?

God bless,

Do you no longer believe Jesus when he said “Greater love than this no man hath, that a man lay down his life for his friends” ?

And do you no longer believe that the devotion to Mother Mary origin is by the Catholic Church? Regardless the way some Christians wish to deny it nor follow her by example?


Well said Zhati.:thumbsup: And welcome to the Forum.

Peace to you too.

That’s a great answer.

:doh2: Islam worships the same God as Christianity and Judaism.

Also, :popcorn:

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