Why being a virgin is hard


I have to be honest, I was wondering that too.


I just think of it as passionate kissing, but nothing below the neck really :smirk:


You are a child of God. One day some day out there will be a person for you who will treasure your purity and love of God

Don’t despair and fall to the way of the world no matter how prevalent it may be. God needs a few good men and women to be His witnesses. Stand to be righteous will not get you wrong with God.

God bless you.


What most people call “making out” is foreplay. It is reserved to marriage.


Are you really interested in someone who doesn’t respect you enough to support you in your beliefs? Someone who wants you to put his needs and desires above your own values?

The man God is leading you to will respect you. He won’t ask you to compromise yourself for his selfish needs.


Making out is not foreplay. It can be but it doesn’t have to be.


You are making a lot of assumptions here, there are plenty of reasons why a guy might break up with someone.

Hopefully, you’ll meet someone soon that doesn’t want to do anything sexual with you and is otherwise compatible. But there is a lot more to compatibility than sex.


To the OP:
Don’t be down about it or worry. It doesn’t matter two whits what guys (plural) think. What matters is that one guy (remember you only need one guy) is on board with you. That’s all. It’s quite a doable task, getting married. Staying married is another thing. Anyhow, don’t spend time worrying about this. Rather work on this goal. Worrying and working both have three letters in common, but nothing else. You will need to try and meet at least one guy per week, or whatever number you think. And there are all kinds of ways to meet guys. Even on this forum, there’s at least one good catch. Just read old posts for hours and then send a PM to one of them. I can give you more suggestions if you PM me.


Near occasions of sin should be avoided.




These threads always make me glad I’m old and my dancing days are through so I don’t have to worry about all this stuff any more.




But it may not be a near occasion of sin for all


Keep on respecting yourself and stick to your beliefs. There are guys out there who will respect you and also accept your beliefs and go along with that. Don’t give up and don’t change just to find someone.


If I dated a girl for a while who was afraid to make out I would assume she was a lesbian. How can someone truly believe that someone has feelings for them if that person won’t even kiss them?


Really? Making out is reserved for marriage? Where did you get that from? That is kind of a ridiculous thing to say.


Thanks. That’s how I feel. I don’t know anyone who has dated someone without making out with them. I mean most people I know do way more on first dates lmao


I have to agree.

Having a kiss, a hug, and holding hands is how you can figure out if there is chemistry between you.

Like, if you are both going for it, and it turns into something from a teen movie, I’d recommend not even doing the above. But for a couple exploring chemistry and feelings, I’d say a peck here and there is alright.


Another voice of wisdom

Classifying making out as a near occasion of sin that’s only reserved for marriage is like tithing every leaf of mint


One time I dated a girl for 3 months and she refused to kiss me, because she was not ready. It ended after 3 months. She was expecting to get married after a while. I was like “How can you even be talking about marriage if you won’t even kiss me?” I just felt like she was being fake. Almost like she said one thing to me, but really was grossed out by me. It was the weirdest and worst relationship ever. She might have been a lesbian. She was okay with gay people getting married, but not kissing me. lol The whole thing made no sense.

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