"Why Believe in a god?" holiday campaign--any reaction?

Has there been any reaction to the news story about the American Humanist Association’s holiday campaign in Washington D.C.? What about the advertising which appears on buses which reads:
“Why believe in a god? Just be good for goodness’ [sic] sake.”

This campaign was a news story sometime last week.

I checked out their websites for info. Reading beyond the first sentences/paragraphs, one finds their agenda. In addition to the news aspect, I’d like to discuss the trickle-down effect–but where would I put this since they are not a religion?


www.americanhumanist.org www.whybelieveinagod.org

That bus slogan is hilarious.

Unbeknownest to atheists, we believers are good for goodness’ sake. Since God is goodness itself, and we are good for His sake, I don’t see why they need to tell us to do what we’ve always been doing.

Grannymh, before you joined us here at CAF, we had a thread which discussed the ad campaign. The old thread has about 15 comments:

But there is no reason we can’t continue the discussion in this thread. :slight_smile:

Thanks so much. Did go to thread but it was not at all the kind of discussion I expected so I posted a reply. Since I really don’t know what I am doing and since this is a new thread, I will try to copy/paste what I wrote.

The following is a very late post to the link above. It refers to the advertising aspects of the holiday ad of the American Humanist Association.

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Yes, of course they are allowed. Their message is self-defeating anyway, its nothing to worry about. If people try hard to be good, they’ll eventually find themselves coming to know God.

I joined too late to get in on this thread. However, a kind soul directed me to it. Thank you.

Question: How did this thread end up in a discussion of Christmas parties and advertising when this holiday campaign is a prime example of how the humanists are contributing to the popular disbelief in Transubstantiation.

I totally agree that in trying to be good, some people will come to know God. No dispute. The American Humanist Association wants people to be good. They also want people to access their website or call their 800 number–the bottom, but no less prominent, line of their ad.

I did check out their website and found the same type of thinking that, in my mind, is contributing to the loss in attendance at the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.

Question: Since classrooms often use news stories, shouldn’t this holiday campaign be a perfect lead to a discussion of the difference between being a Catholic and a humanist starting from their common belief that being good is a good thing for humanity?

Question: What about R.C.I.A.? Shouldn’t there be a discussion about this ad? After all, many candidates have a humanist base but they do not call it that.

Final question: What about concrete suggestions on how to use this news story plus what is found when one answers the ad to go to the website?

www.whybelieveinagod.org/didyouknow.html (Find out what Christmas really is.)

If I messed up on these web addresses, go to the main one and try the links.

Somewhere in the above, I found a link to the text of speeches.
The first few lines/paragraphs sound so wonderful. One needs to read further to find their agenda. Considering that the humanists have been around for years, it is easy to see the trickledown effect on “practicing” Catholics.

An interesting “reaction type” ad is being run.

check out this thread in “Secular News”

http://forums.catholic.com/images/misc/subscribed.gif ‘I Believe Too’ effort launched to counter Humanist ad
campaign in D.C. (CNA)
Catholic Press

Some will probably say that these ads don’t affect the rest of the country.

But believe me – what the Humanists are saying about no need for God is repeated everywhere in this country. This type of message is not limited to the Humanists.

Check out www.whybelieveinagod.org and follow all the links for the real picture.

Then tell a young person…
Spread the truth in the trenches.


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