Why blame Judas?

At this season we often hear of the evil of Judas & his eternal damnation. But is this the case?

Many scholars now think that Judas was obeying God’s plan; simply doing God’s will in betraying Jesus to the authorities. If he had not done so, there would be no arrest, no crucifixion, no resurrection and no Redemption. - and indeed no Christian Church as we know it.
Judas was the chosen one; if he had not done the deed, then it would have had to be one of the others to fulfill God’s Divine Plan. Jesus knew about his death and the necessity of it - so much that he rebuked Peter when Peter once denied that Jesus would die by execution. So Jesus was well aware of what was to come - and that someone - Judas - would have to set the wheels in motion. At the last supper Jesus told him to ‘go, and do what you have to do’

Later Judas repented & returned the blood money. Had he not committed suicide would history have treated him better? Should he be considered a saint or a demon? Just as we no longer blame the Jews as a race, perhaps we should no longer blame Judas but look on him as our human representative doing what someone ‘had to do’.

The following link should explain what the Church’s position is on Judas. If you have any further questions, please contact Catholic Answers directly.

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