Why Both the Left and the Right are Political Hypocrites and What to do About it



I think he made some excellent points, but I believe the main problem in this country is that we need deeper conversion to Jesus Christ, and that everything else will follow.

Yes, as an outsider looking in, both sides have behaved badly at different times. They talk/shout OVER each other and keen to point out the perceived bad on both sides instead of seeking common ground. Even amongst my American friends, there have been social media arguments and de-friending etc.

It doesn’t help when political pundits, news anchors and journalists from all sides of the political spectrum fuel the flames.

The author says the solution is to: “hold fast to principles because it is the only way we can get back to talking about ideas instead of personalities.”

I don’t think the people the author is referring to are violating their own principles in favor of partisan solidarity. They have no principles to begin with. If they did have principles then they would need integrity in order to stick the principles. They have no integrity either. They are simply fearful people who are afraid of the “boogyman”; whoever or whatever that might be depends on who has been told to be afraid of what.

Yes both sides can be as bad as each other, but those on either side can have good and bad attributes.
The ones that bother me are those on the far left or far right.

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