Why boys are turning into girls

**Why boys are turning into girls **

Here’s something rather rotten from the State of Denmark. Its government yesterday unveiled official research showing that two-year-old children are at risk from a bewildering array of gender-bending chemicals in such everyday items as waterproof clothes, rubber boots, bed linen, food, nappies, sunscreen lotion and moisturising cream.
The 326-page report, published by the environment protection agency, is the latest piece in an increasingly alarming jigsaw. A picture is emerging of ubiquitous chemical contamination driving down sperm counts and feminising male children all over the developed world. And anti-pollution measures and regulations are falling far short of getting to grips with it.


This is truly apalling; The very elements in daily consumptions that drastically alter our bodies just blows my mind. With that in mind, I have solutions to this predicament. As a community of believers and as the baptized in Christ Jesus the Lord we MUST PRAY & ACT

  1. Revert from acidic to alkaline based resources. Not everything needs to be processed.
  2. Define the roles of genders. Males - Males ,Females - Females et cetera
    Males and Females should be treated equally in all aspects.
  3. Restore the DOMESTIC CHURCH (aka nuclear family)
    Mother, Father, Children: All these units are essential to the family; The Father works, the mother also works or watches the house and kids and the children look up to their parents as role models. Father-Son Mother-daughter and so forth. The family as a whole will look to God as the saying goes…
  4. Decrease the role of government in the family. It is the parents decisions that matter for the mother knows best and father knows best;
  5. Eliminate Feminism: Feminism fosters eugenics, abortion, homosexuality and rebellion against God.
  6. Consecrate the house and family to the Sacred Heart of Jesus:signofcross:

Here’s a related story from a little while back, where 2 British researchers found that the hormones from contraceptives that got into the water supply were affecting the fish.


What’s so hard about all this is that every government has their own agenda…So while things like BPA are banned in other countries, the FDA says there is nothing wrong with it.

Similar to the research on cell phones causing brain cancer and affecting men’s sperm.

A related video also on fish:


For the Church of Sweden, now in the business of gay marriages, this is a good thing.


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