Why Can deacons remarry?


If it is possible to remarry, why is it not normally the practice?


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If it is possible to remarry, why is it not normally the practice?


No, they cannot. A married permanent deacon cannot remarry after his wife's death.


Basically, they are not allowed to remarry unless special circumstances are involved. The reason that is often cited for being allowed to remarried is when the wife passes away and the deacon has you children.

Accordingly to posts on this forum, reputedly this circumstance is also true for married priests from other religions that convert, and it is theoretically possible. However, nobody’s provide an actual case, so to me it’s hearsay at this point.


A man who is married can be ordained, but a man who is ordained can not get married.

So, in other words, a married man can be ordained as a permanent deacon, but if his wife dies after that point, he can not re-marry. There are no exceptions.

It is possible for a married man who converts to Catholicism to become a priest, for example if he was a married clergy in his former denomination and converted to Catholicism. This requires special permission.

ValPal, I know of two priests in my diocese who are married priests, so it does indeed happen, although admittedly it is rare.


The impediment to a man receiving the Sacrament of Marriage after receiving the Sacrament of Holy Orders is ecclesiastical in nature, not divine. As such, it can be, and in specific cases has been, dispensed of. As noted earlier, the common example is the case of married deacon with young children whose wife has died and has allowed to remarry. People on this forum have known deacons who have received such dispensations.

What it not allowed is for a single man to marry after receiving Holy Orders. Theoretically it could be dispensed of, but I’ve never heard of any cases where it was (without laitization).


Yesterday our parish deacon told me that 10 years ago in his deaconate classes they were told that dispensations are being granted for deacons who wish to remarry.

I am dating online and a deacon wrote me and I was totally shocked that this is allowed with a dispensation. He said he knew of several in his diocese and didn't think it would be difficult to obtain the dispensation.

My question is why is it not the norm if it is now allowed more readily. I understand in the past it was only if there were small children to raise, etc. I'd like to understand the reasoning and principles behind the policy to not normally allow remarriage. What is the doctrinal basis?

Thanks for any enlightenment!


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