Why can’t Catholics partake in Protestant communion?


Protestant communion does not have the Real Presence of The Lord in it.

That means it is just a wafer.

Say you are at an episcopal mass for a wedding or something.

Why would it be a sin to take their communion if it is nothing but a piece of bread?


Because if as a Catholic we receive the wafer at a Protestant ceremony we are saying we agree with what that Protestant Church says about that communion. It is only a symbol. We don’t believe that in our Faith.

In our Catholic Church Holy Communion is the REAL TRUE Body Blood Soul Divinity of Jesus Himself not a symbol.


That strikes me as a very disrespectful attitude to have towards someone else’s religious beliefs. Wow.


I suggest you read Ecclesia de Eucharistia

Are you a teenager? This seems the sort of rude thing a teen would say about the sincerely held beliefs of others and the worship of God within their services. This is inappropriate. Something can be symbolic and still deserve respect.


This topic has been argued ad nauseam. If you are a Catholic, you should not receive Communion from churches which are deemed invalid.

It does not matter that they do not have the real presence and therefore symbolic. They are not valid and we do not subscribe to them.

Would you eat offerings that have been offered to the spirit? Perhaps not the best of analogy, but really there is no reason to partake in their Communion.


Because we don’t believe the same things.


Because Communion is the ultimate symbol and mystery of the unity of the body of Christ. Even if Protestant Churches don’t have a real Communion or a different theology of Communion, it is still an expression of unity that doesn’t exist. As Christians there is a weak unity between us, not the full communion between us that participation in in it requires.


As a guest to take communion in that frame of mind would be an insult to the hosts , hence it shouldn’t be done .


Were a faithful Catholic to see us taking communion in a Protestant church and then also take Holy Communion in a Catholic Church we might cause them confusion as to what the Catholic Church teaches and believes and we may also lead them to commit sin by thinking it is Ok to receive in both Churches. We can not have it both ways------we either believe 100% what the Catholic Church teaches about Our Lord in Holy Communion or we don’t. Jesus did not say receive this symbol of my body He said Take and eat THIS IS MY BODY, THIS IS MY BLOOD.



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