Why can’t the Church employ ministers or teachers in same-sex unions?


If you want to be involved in ministry in the Catholic Church you have to live the life of an observant practicing Catholic.


Interesting piece.

The areas that stand out in particular are this part from the first point

To employ a minister or teacher is to set that man or woman before God’s people as a role model, and not merely as a practitioner or teacher in some specific area of expertise.

This explains well why it is inappropriate for somebody in a gay marriage to work as a minister or teacher in a Catholic setting.

A section from the last point about the accusation levelled at Christians for supposedly being so ‘judgmental’ is also important to note.

the most common error concerning the Christian duty to avoid judgment remains the failure to distinguish between judging the hearts of people, which is always forbidden, and judging both actions and the consequences of those actions (including the bad example given to others).

Judging actions and their consequences isn’t only permitted, but in fact is often a duty, though it is a duty that requires discernment and virtue.


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