Why Cant I Find a Catholic One Year Bible


I have used a 1 year Bible but now that i am trying to deepen my Catholic faith i wanted to use a Catholic 1 year Bible. My problem is, i cant find one, not even on-line. I bought a Catholic Bible but i really want a 1 year. Is there a reason why they arent used/I cant find one?


“My Daily Catholic Bible” 20 Minute daily Readings

Revised Standard Version Catholic Edition

Edited by Paul Thigpen

ISBN# 1-59276-067-8


I have never figured out how putting a timeline on reading sacred scripture can strengthen anyone’s faith. Why not just commit to reading scripture everyday? If you get through in 6 months, 1 year, a decade, or not at all, it makes no difference.


Also available in a newer edition with the Revised New American Bible.

I have found that using a “one year Bible” encourages me to commit to it.

Otherwise it would be all to easy for me to say, “I’m too tired today,” “I’ve got other things to do today,” etc.


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I’ve just checked, here’s what I found:

The Catholic One Year Bible (https://www.amazon.com/Catholic-One-Year-Bible/dp/0879732156)

PDF Link removed per J

How to Easily Read the Whole Bible in 2017 (https://brandonvogt.com/how-to-easily-read-the-whole-bible/)

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I think they’re called, Missals. They contain the daily Scripture readings for a year.

Then there’s the Lectionaries and Breviaries. They contain Scripture readings for the three year cycle. Along with prayers and homilies and explanations.

Then there’s this:


Remove the PDF link. It is quesitonable. Thank you.


Verbum.com is a great platform for Bible Study. You can make your own Bible Reading Plan. You can use the NABRE, New Jerusalem Bible, or any version that you like:

  1. Go to verbum.com
  2. Register for a free account.
  3. Buy the NABRE or other Bible version. Most are priced at $9.99.
  4. Get a Verbum app for Windows PC, Mac, IOS, Android, etc.
  5. Connect to the app with your free account and newly purchased Bible
  6. Begin to do your own highlighting and make your own notes.
  7. Create a Bible Reading Plan and begin to use it.
  8. Enjoy. Expand the experience as you see fit.

Sample image from Windows PC version of the Verbum application:

Note: Verbum.com is affiliated with other websites including logos.com and faithlife.com. Verbum.com is the site for catholic content. Use and filter your experience to meet your needs.


I have The Catholic One Year Bible.

It is arranged very nicely.

It starts out with Genesis in January. It starts out so that you can start reading the Book of Genesis on January 1st for example, but I think that you can start it anywhere.

For example, you could start it on the date that you get it, and then just read it back through to the beginning. There aren’t any dates for the year, but just for the months and days, so that you can use it over and over again. :slightly_smiling_face:


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Can you expand on that?

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I had encountered links within PDF about a free book download before, which typically is virus/malware in disguise. Usually, if a book is not explicitly provided for free by the publisher/author, not from known hosting site for free stuff (archive.org or gutenberg.org), not public domain/Community Commons etc, be careful! Surprisingly, bit-torrent are safer in regards to virus prevention.

In this case, the link within is to “ebookslight”, which according to https://www.scamadviser.com/is-ebookslight.com-a-fake-site.html, is enough to rise alarm bells. Actually gone onto the host itself, and the layout just scream scam sites.

No spiritual salvation is worth trying to download a book for free, especially if there are similar enough materials.


Thank you for your explanation; I am quite simple so I do not always think that evil lurks in such sites. Thank you for being more observant and making your request.

Maran atha!



You might want to look into a Study Bible. I’d recommend the Ignatius Catholic Study Bible (New Testament). While not broken into daily readings, the commentary is not overly academic and is quite interesting. I think you’d get a lot out of it, so much that you would want to read it rather than skip days!


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