Why can't I go to RCIA?

Why is it so hard for me, a former Baptist, to get into an RCIA class? They don’t think I am ready, and they won’t give me any time period of how I can enter the Church. I have been in inquiry for six months.

I don’t know why your parish is holding you back from RCIA, especially if you have been an inquirer for six months and have expressed a desire to prepare for reception into the Church. I can only recommend making an appointment to speak with the pastor and asking him what you must do to be received into the Church within the next year (which is a reasonable time frame, given that you have already had six months of inquiry class). If he will not assist you, call your local diocese and ask for assistance in finding a priest willing to receive you into the Church since your own pastor has proven unwilling to do so. If you continue to face resistance after that, I recommend contacting the St. Joseph Foundation, an apostolate that specializes in matters of Catholic canon law.

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