Why can't I pray?


For a while now I have not been praying and it’s beacuse I don’t know how to, or I have forgotten. I say the Lords Prayer often, but because I don’t know how to pray, I seem to avoid it. I have thought about collecting some different prayers, but the I wouldn’t know in what order etc, so I’m lost.

I want to be closer to God, but I’m failing.


When I became a Catholic I had difficulty in not being able to pray spontaneously or not being able to remember formulaic prayers. It helped to carry a printout of a single prayer or meditation (the Rosary was my first) and pray it every day. Eventually I knew it very well. Here’s a link to the printour I used. newadvent.org/images/rosary.pdf

If the problem is with a feeling of dryness, don’t worry about it. Just keep praying. Blessed Mother Theresa went through decades of dryness, so if I have periods like it then I’m in good company.


Continue to say the Lords Prayer. Learn the Hail Mary. Start with those. But, keep praying them even if you “don’t feel it”. Prayer is not about how we feel as humans. Just do it! :thumbsup:

Also, its ok to just say “God I don’t know how to pray. Please be with me. Send someone to show me the way. I love you. Your will be done.”

Really anything that comes to mind, just have a conversation with God. Simple little prayers are just as important as formal prayers. If said with love it will be heard. :slight_smile:

Hope this helps,

– Cadian :knight1:


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