Why can't Masses during the Triduum be celebrated in Latin?


I have a question concerning the Motu proprio.

In Article 2, it says that in Masses “sine populo”, priests may celebrate the Mass freely according to the rite of 1962 or 1970, except during the Triduum sacrum.

I read an interpretation of this that said that this means that the controversial prayers in the 1962 missal for the conversion of the Jews on Good Friday may not be said and are thus virtually “forbidden”.

But I ask myself: If this point is really about the intercessory prayers on Good Friday, why does the document not say so clearly? Why does it forbid all services of the Triduum Sacrum to be celebrated in the Old Rite? (What’s the problem with Easter Sunday in the Old Rite?)

And why may FSSP priests and others, who have hitherto celebrated the Old Mass, celebrate Good Friday in the Old Rite, but the others may not?

Please answer ASAP!



The “sine populo” prohibition has to do with priests celebrating a private Mass during the Triduum—not public liturgy. All Latin Rite priests may celebrate what you call the “old Mass” during the Triduum.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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