Why can't non-Catholics consecrate the bread?

If non-Catholics can be called to the priesthood, why then can they not consecrate bread and wine? If the Holy Spirit calls them, why then would they not be able to consecrate bread and wine?

Does it have anything to do with holy orders?


It sounds to me that you are asking if Protestants can feel called to be ministers, why can’t they validly consecrate the bread and wine? First of all, many Protestants don’t believe that the bread and wine can be consecrated into the body of blood of Jesus. They see their eucharist as only symbolic.

Secondly, even those who do beleive as we do, we believe they don’t have the power to do it because because the Catholic Church does not recognize their ordinations are valid. They lost apostolic succession when they denied the reality of the Sacrifice of the Mass way back in the sixteenth century.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.p.

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