Why can't protestants dance

Hello, my aunt recently became protestant and she said she can’t dance at any social events
anymore. All she told me was that it was bad to dance but didn’t explain why.
Can you please let me know why?

Read 2 Samuel chapter 6 when David danced before the Lord’s Presence in the Ark of the Covenant. Oh and David danced with all his might. What a beautiful way to express from one’s heart praise and worship to the One, True God.

I don’t think dance is “bad” or that God’s is offended by dance so long as it is not offensive or provocative in nature and maybe your aunt’s protestant church is referring to dancing to music that has lyrics that are raunchy and would lead someone to have un-pure thoughts and may lead someone to the sin of lust.

That is really the only explanation that I can think of.

Maybe you should advise your aunt that she should ask her minister why it is bad and see what kind of answer her minister gives.

God Bless.

It is not all Protestants. I remember though, when I was in high school, a girl telling me about how when she went to a Baptist school, their dances (sure they used another name) didn’t actually have any dancing.

Why can’t Europeans drink coffee?

Most Protestants I know can and do dance.
Exactly what denomination did she join is what you need to ask her.

I’m Protestant and can dance, although not well. :slight_smile: Actually I like dancing. I have never heard that it is bad to dance, and I have been Protestant my entire life.

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Pull up a chair, stay a while.

With regard to the subject, I have no ability with the action, and no knowledge of a particular teaching.

I do think the conversation will get interesting to read if you can find out your Aunt’s denomination and see folks run on research.

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That brand of Protestantism (and I’m just guessing it’s one of these: Independent Fundamental Baptist, Church of Christ, Pentecostals, Holiness, etc.) is not representative of the whole. Many of those groups don’t really even consider themselves Protestant. They view themselves as post-Protestant, or have wild theories about how their beliefs existed from the beginning of Christianity, and either survived somehow or resurfaced much later by the grace of God. They tend to not know much about the Reformation or Reformation theology, and they don’t really even care. To them, the whole topic is irrelevant.

Hi, it would be important to ask your aunt what denomination she is. As others have said, the majority of “protestants” can dance… how well is up to them. lol I like dancing as long as it is in the privacy of my house with my radio blaring. :stuck_out_tongue:

As to why some don’t, usually it is seen to be provocative, stirring up feelings in individuals that usually can’t have a wholesome outcome.

Just some protestant denominations believe dancing is sin because it leads to : you know:o
I’m Lutheran and there is no objection to dancing or a glass of wine, either.

I don’t always dance, but when I do I dance the Texas two-step is what I dance.

Stay dancing, my friend :smiley:

Seriously, herein is the problem with the term Protestant. It is virtually worthless
Most Protestants do dance


Some or most protestants have a problem with bumping and grinding, and twerking, or basically any dancing of a sexual nature. Also there is a wide spread issue with the content of the music. Watch footloose for reference to why Prot don’t like dancing in gen.

I’d think that most Catholics would have a similar opinion.

Dancing leads to physical contact, which inevitably leads to lust and sin in the extreme fundamentalist protestant worldview.

Of course, there are always exceptions. Many of these sects allow for the concept purity balls. Draw your own conclusions.

While there is nothing inherently wrong with dancing and it is real easy to point and scoff at “those whacky Protestants”, there is some smoke in that much of what passes for dancing these days is little more than foreplay, if not outright simulated sex acts.

Or brats and beer!!


They can dance if they want to, they can leave their friends behind. But their friends don’t dance and if they don’t dance well they’re, no friends of mine. They can dance.

I say,we can go where we want to. A place they will never find.

They can’t jump either.

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