Why can't the USCCB stand as one with the truth to the secular press?


I wrote a letter to all of the Catholic Bishops last week. I wanted to paste a copy of the letter so you could see it, but guess I am not supposed to do that. In my letter I was asking all of the Bishops to stand up as one, preach the truth, & defend Terri’s life in the secular press. I was upset that when voting in Nov. there was much in the secular press, including full page ads advising us (Catholics) to vote for a pro-life candidate. Yet, when we have a prolife issue such as defending Terri’s life, there is nothing in the secular press from the Catholic Bishops. A Bishop from Oregon replied to me & said that the USCCB is not supposed to get involved, as it involves local politics & local jurisdiction. He said he would not want the USCCB to come & tell him what to do in running his diocese in Oregon. Why can’t the USCCB stand as one, & preach the truth in the secular press, take out ads, and really be fighting for her life? There has been much in the Catholic press, but not the secular press.


Dear a,

That is a very good question. There should be absolutley no question of hestitancy in this matter. We need to pray for our bishops!

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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