Why can't WE Eastern Orthodox, Roman Catholics alike, use contraceptive?

The priest at my Orthodox parish forbids contraception. Why?

I’m not Orthodox, so I couldn’t tell you.

My guess would be your bishop says contraception can kill children (some do, like IUD).


You should ask him. Is he on this forum?

He says he forbids contraception witih no explanation as to why?
I would just ask hiim.

I agree, you should ask him.

As well, this is what Fr. Alexy Young, a Russian Orthodox priest says in his explanation of why contraception is sinful:*The practice of artificial birth control - by which is meant “the pill,” condoms, or any other kind of device - is actually condemned by the Orthodox Church. The Church of Greece, for example, in 1937 issued a special encyclical just for this purpose, to condemn birth control.

Likewise, the Romanian and Russian Churches, to name just two others among many - have more than once, in former times, spoken out against this practice. It is only in recent times, only in the generation since World War II, that some local Churches (the Greek Archdiocese in this country, for example) have begun to teach that it “might” be all right to practice birth control in certain circumstances, as long as this is discussed with the priest beforehand and has his agreement.*
Granted, Fr. Young says the Orthodox condemnation of birth control is not founded on the same basis of procreation as Catholic teaching, but nonetheless, he argues it is sinful, but you can click the link to read more.

The Orthodox Church has historically condemned contraception, and it’s only in modern times (50’s and 60’s) that it, along with most other Christian communions, changed their views and began allowing it. And that was because of Planned Parenthood and the Church of England’s combined influence. I wrote an essay on the historical and theological reasons to reject contraception. You can read it here if you like: issuu.com/justinmatas/docs/contraception

It doesn’t necessarily have to do with religion. Contraception violates natural law.

All forms of contraception are opposed to the moral law and therefore gravely sinful.
In effect, those who use them are telling God that they are wiser than he is. To use them also is a grave sin of scandal because you are intentionally leading another into grave sin, or at least are complicet in their immoral acts. Linus2nd

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