Why Catholic? (Stephen Hand Blogtalk Radio Show on 2/12/11)

I will be appearing as a guest again on the Stephen Hand Blogtalk Radio show on 2/12/11 at 10:30 am to 12:00pm. Listen live by computer or phone, or later to the achieved show.


Two guests this morning discuss why any of the separated brethren would want to take a closer look at Catholicism today. William Albrecht is a Catholic apologist. William was raised in a non-religious household and eventually became a Protestant. After much studying and the undertaking of a religious career, William converted to the Catholic faith close to 10 years ago. In addition to his contributions to the Catholic Legate apostolate, William’s work in Catholic apologetics includes his many apologetic videos available for viewing at his Youtube site as well as his website. David L. Gray, one time Freemason and Protestant, returns to join William in the discussion. We’ll also be discussing the changing role of apologetics in the Church today.

Hi Yoseph! Sorry to have missed the radio spot but hope that it went well. I did visit your website and found it to be very interesting. I am always looking for materials about why sola scriptura fails out of concern for my family. I put your book on my list for future purchase. May God continue to bless your ministry.

Thanks for much for your support and compliments Sherry - keep me in your prayers, and I will keep you and your family in mine. If you ever get a chance listen to the archived show - it’s on the Audio/Video Page on my website. davidlgray.info/av.html - Steve, William, and I had a fun conversation about various aspects of the new apologetics.and evangelization .

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