Why Catholic?

It’s very cultural.

I live in an area in the Northeast that is steeped in Catholic history. Everyone grew up Catholic.

It’s so common to meet people who identify themselves as Catholic but never attend Church, believe next to nothing that the Church teaches and couldn’t answer even the most basic questions about Christianity to save their lives.

My entire family…all identifies themselves as Catholic. Most are baptized and have received a number of Sacraments within their lives…but stopped attending Church as soon as they could.

My sister and her husband baptized their son Catholic and had a huge Christening party but never attended Church and know nothing about the faith.

My parents will go to the occasional Easter Mass or Christmas Eve Mass with my husband and I. It’s nice that they go and we always welcome them…but they don’t go to Church on Sundays.

My husband’s side of the family mostly fell away and either don’t practice but identify themselves as Catholic…or converted to non-denominationalism and identify themselves as Christians…despite being baptized Catholics.

So…my husband, myself and my kids are it, in terms of practicing Catholics who actually believe in all that the Church teaches.

It’s frustrating…especially when I identify myself to someone who is a practicing Christian that I am Catholic…and I see a weird look cross their face.
No, I’m not a CINO…I actually believe in Catholicism as the one true faith and know enough to surprise them.

I understand what you are saying, yet is in fact is not emphasized in Catholic teaching; the founding Fathers considered the Nephilim to be the “sons of Seth”. You can read a few sentences on it in Catholic Encyclopedia.

You brought up some excellent points.

Some Catholics confuse themselves and the world when they preach the highlighted actions above as being acceptable. It places their soul in mortal danger because every Catholic knows that advocating abortion and SSM is unacceptable to the Church.

These sins are not difficult to understand, it’s not rocket science as Cardinal Arinze explains below.


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