Why Catholicism?


I’m a practicing Catholic that was born into a Methodist family and converted at 15 through the Grace of God.

In looking back, I have often asked myself “Why?” I’m curious as to what you all were drawn by, and why you chose to follow the teachings of the Church…

For me, I was initially attracted to the fact that “I could wear jeans to Church”. (Hey, this is a big deal to a teenager!!) But, as soon as it was explained to me that the RCC was the ONLY church founded by Christ himself, I was hooked and have never had any inclination to look elsewhere…

What about the rest of you?


Catholocism has the best link to the apostles, and therefore, Jesus himself. I prayed for guidance and did some research, and I believe this is the path God has intended me to take. I also like the commitment to serving that I have found in the Catholic Church.

Also, my wife was raised Catholic, and we are thinking about having children. I want to provide a consistent and solid foundation of faith for my future children, which I thought would be hard to do if Mom is Catholic and Dad is not.


John 6, the Real Presence of Christ. From there it snowballed into understanding that Scripture Alone is a man made doctrine, and Catholics are the only ones to follow all of His word, Oral and written. True Bible Christians!!!

God Bless


I converted because I was seeking the true, I have read the Greco-Latin Pathrology and some bookof apology and I felt when I entered first in the roman catholic church, that this is the place where Jesus is real, I felt joy and I have no words to explain, then I studdied and I converted.

Read the Apology on this site (Fathers know best - there are quotes from the Pathrology).

God bless you.


[quote=MariaG]John 6, the Real Presence of Christ.

This was a biggie for me, too. It’s hard to believe that I never heard a sermon on the second half of this chapter when attending a Protestant Church. I think Scott Hahn alludes to the same thing in one of his books.

I was also very impressed with the corporal works of mercy being displayed by a group of Franciscan priests in Tokyo where I was at the time. They had a lot to do with my being willing to start looking objectively at the Catholic Church.


I am a cradle Catholic but a revert. After I came back I found myself hungry for information and learning. While reading from issues from various magazines I found this article which I very much enjoyed. I don’t know how much others will be interested but here it is.

From Envoy Magazine “How I solved the Catholic Problem”

God bless,


I am a cradle Catholic - sometimes frustrated - often sad - frequently disappointed but know without doubt the Catholic Church is the body of believers that Jesus Himself founded. His authority has come down the ages through the successors of St Peter. His truth is proclaimed through that authority - where else could I go?


I am a reverted craddle Catholic. I wandered the desert of Protestantism for about 5 years and found it theologically empty. I got tired of hearing “The bible says this…The bible says that…” My bible doesn’t say anything. It just sits there silently, no speaking, nothing. I guess I couldn’t afford a speaking bible. :confused: Anyways, since most of the Protestant denominations have little historical context (outside of Lutherans and Anglicans) I researched Catholicism and began bouncing their claims against the various “ministers” of the churches I was attending. Most of them had very shallow answers, and always preceded their answers with “Well, let’s see what the bible has to say about that…” I wanted to hear what the apostles had to say about it, and the early Christian writers, martyrs and saints. They all agreed with the Catholic Church, so I made my formal return a little over 5 years ago.


I am a convert as well. I was 34 when I entered the church. In all the years I attended protestant churches, I always felt like something was missing. Yet, for the longest time, I never considered the catholic church. Why? Because I was taught that catholics were wrong about everything.

In early 1988, a few months after my divorce became final, I came across something that I read. I can’t remember the details, only that it said something about “this is what catholics believe about this.” My reaction was, “Oh!! I didn’t know that.” I know now that God led me into His church,. But it took awhile. For a long time, I had these sort of crumbs sent my way. Finally, my curisoity took over. I started taking a serious look at the church.

My one problem was Mary. Sometimes, even now, I still hesitate on that subject. But, lucily, I met a priest who was more than happy to take the time to explain things to me. IN the end, I joined the church at the Easter Vigil of 1997. That priest is still my “secret weapon.”


I’m a cradle Catholic, but for the most part of my life I was ignorant to my faith. I didn’t grew much spiritually. My parents were church-goers, make no mistake, but they didn’t really bother to instruct us spiritually beyond sending us to Catholic schools.

I came back eventually into the embrace of Holy Mother Church and professed her the True Church with all my heart, mind and intellect. Funnily enough, the thing that brought about this change was my discovery of Protestantism.

In my ignorant bliss, I couldn’t really see any difference between the Catholic and the Protestant faith. (Luckily enough during those tender years no fundy attacked me :eek: )

But anyway, I met this very devout friend of mine who was in my Calculus class and he always had a religious-themed book or two with him. One day, bored with the lesson, I picked up the book he had (Surprised by Truth) and was instantly hooked.

One book led to another and I became more and more aware (and appreciating) of the theological differences between the Protestant and the Catholic Church – the illogical position of Protestantism and the eternal wisdom of the Church. I came to appreciate the Church’s unity, universality, apostolicity and sanctity. I came to appreciate the need to be in full communion with Holy Mother Church.

But the final tug was pulled by none other than the Blessed Virgin herself. During those confusing, searching days I decided to just give a Rosary a go (it was a cheap plastic one I just got from a retreat my school compulsorily conducted). I hardly even remembered how to pray it other than Our Father for the big beads and Hail Marys for the rest.

But when the first “Hail Mary” was uttered from my mouth, an incredible flood of emotions suddenly burst. Words fail to describe what I felt – joy, sorrow, all mixed in one; I cried like I’d never cried before – for no reason at all! But prominently I felt the presence of the Blessed Mother as if she was there beside me, pulling me to her motherly embrace and casting away all doubts and difficulties I previously might had in confessing full communion with HMC.

Ever since, I grew exponentially in faith and spirituality – and still does! It’s the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church for me and none other! It’s the only place offering such rich heritage, such abundance in blessings within the Sacraments. It’s the Church Christ founded, the Church that Mary loves and intercedes for! Not in an eternity would I look elsewhere!


mrS4ntA – That was a great response!!

I can’t even begin to imagine now what it would be like to not be part of Christ’s original Church. If one truly wants to be a ‘Christ follower’ then one has but one choice.

On the other hand, if one wants to follow a religious group founded by a human, then there are over 30,000 choices. How could one possibly sort through all of that and make a wise choice?


Like many of the other cradle Catholics out there, it took me awhile to fully grow into my faith (and I was forced to grow even faster once I discovered Protestantism).

But now that I’m grown, I am constantly learning more about my faith. I am at home in the Catholic Church…and there’s nowhere else I could go for the truth handed down by Christ.

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