Why Catholics Should Vote for Trump article


I agree with everything in this article.

It is absolutely beyond me why any Catholic would vote for a Democratic candidate. Doing so sends a mixed message about Catholicism and the teachings of Holy Mother Church.

Catholics don’t need government to do all the things that the Democrats claim that the Republican Party doesn’t do–feed the poor, clothe the naked, visit the prisoners, welcome the strangers, show respect and love to homosexuals, etc.–Catholics can do all these acts of mercy and charity in their private and parish lives without breaking any laws of the U.S.!!

But for a Catholic to vote for a candidate who would not limit abortion at any time, and also require ALL Americans to pay for it, even if it violates their conscience and religion–it’s beyond me! It’s wrong, and it’s incredibly foolish to allow the government to force us to participate in this heinous sin when we have the opportunity to prevent the government from forcing all Americans to be part of the abortion holocaust.

Same goes for homosexuality–it’s a good thing for Catholics to befriend those who suffer from this malady and love them with no strings attached. But it is NOT a good thing for Catholics to support a political party that would make it against the law to teach that homosexual acts are sinful, and force Catholics to hire practicing homosexuals in their churches and schools!

We need to wise up and stop voting for a Democratic Party that simply doesn’t exist. The Democratic Party policies have done little to nothing to help those who are marginalized in our nation–the policies all depend on more taxes and more government programs, and by the time all the layers of government bureacracy are paid for, very little money and virtually no human face-to-face caring is left to actually help those who are in need.

However, when a private individual or a parish or a local charitable organization helps those in need, virtually ALL of the money is available, along with human faces, hands, and hearts to work with and care for their less-fortunate fellow human beings. THAT’S what the Republican Party promotes, and it is consistent with the teachings of Holy Mother Church.

The only reason there are still greedy fat cats in the Republican Party is that the Party actually allows dissent and different opinions in their Party, while the Democrats have made it crystal clear that there is NO ROOM in their Party for pro-lifers. So why would a Catholic even set foot in their “room?” We are NOT WANTED BY THE DEMOCRATS! FLEE from them, get out of there, unless you are a trillionaire who can boss them around with your wallet. Then stay and try to bring about change–lotsa luck. You’ll need it.


In all honesty, as Catholic I don’t feel represented by Democrats OR by Republicans. :expressionless:


Why anyone would vote at all is beyond me …


A flood of posters twisting themselves into knots to explain why they are voting for a man who supports the murder of children because . . . President Trump is bad . . . in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1…


This topic always devolves quickly…


What do you expect when political ads are posted as news?


I understand. But oh the agony when one looks to the other side…


The Second Vatican Council itself, in discussing the respect due to the human person, gives a number of examples of such acts: “Whatever is hostile to life itself, such as any kind of homicide, genocide, abortion, euthanasia and voluntary suicide; whatever violates the integrity of the human person, such as mutilation, physical and mental torture and attempts to coerce the spirit; whatever is offensive to human dignity, such as subhuman living conditions, arbitrary imprisonment, deportation, slavery, prostitution and trafficking in women and children; degrading conditions of work which treat labourers as mere instruments of profit, and not as free responsible persons: all these and the like are a disgrace, and so long as they infect human civilization they contaminate those who inflict them more than those who suffer injustice, and they are a negation of the honour due to the Creator”.132

From Veritatis Splendor:

Arbitrary imprisonment and deportation are sn a front to life. Seems we can’t support an administration that jails asylum seekers without due process, and separates their children, and in many cases misplaced them, or deported the parents without the children. Let’s remember that this administration argued in court that toothbrushes and soap were not necessary to be provided to the detainees.

The abandonment of the Kurds to be slaughtered, let’s not forget that either.

And this:
At the opening dinner of the Osaka G-20 meeting in June 2019, with only interpreters present, Xi had explained to Trump why he was basically building concentration camps in Xinjiang," Bolton writes in his upcoming book, per the WSJ.

  • “According to our interpreter, Trump said that Xi should go ahead with building the camps, which Trump thought was exactly the right thing to do. The National Security Council’s top Asia staffer, Matthew Pottinger, told me that Trump said something very similar during his November 2017 trip to China.”

In his first campaign, how many times did he mention his approval of torture vs how many times he mentioned abortion?

Abortion has been legalized for almost 50 years.
We keep being told it’s necessary to vote Republican to overturn Roe. Roe was confirmed in planned parenthood vs Casey. By a Reagan appointed judge.

The reality is, a Republican President can’t do much to end abortion, and a Democratic President can’t do much to make it more liberalized. That liberalization happened almost 50 years ago.


It is your opinion that these detentions/deportations are arbitrary. Most of the people seeking “asylum” in this country are economic migrants, and not actual refugees. They are detained for screening and vetting purposes. Not for arbitrary reasons.

Also, John Bolton is a disgruntled former White House employee. Taking anything he claims at face value is foolish.

Edited to say: I totally get not voting for Trump and voting for the American Solidarity Party or some other third party.


It is our responsibility as citizens of the United States of America.

Just as a parent must often choose between unpleasant alternatives for their child (e.g., agree to a surgery for the child vs. choosing a “natural” path to wholeness that has not yet been proven effective), citizens must often choose between unpleasant alternatives.

There has never been a “perfect” candidate for any elected office in this country–all men and women have flaws and besetting sins, and all the Parties have flaws and and promote platforms with potentially evil outcomes.

We citizens are given the daunting privilege and RESPONSIBILITY of sorting out the issues and the candidates and voting for those that will result in the “least harm” and the “most good.”

Just as a parent cannot shirk their responsibility, citizens cannot shirk their responsibility to vote. Christians especially should not ignore the voting booth because voting is one of many opportunities that Christians have to do good in this world.


This is probably a healthy response…I am severely suspect of Catholics making an issue of this against Biden, when moral indiscretions about Trump raised during the 2016 election were dismissed by many Catholic Trump supporters with, “we are electing a president not a pope”.


I’m voting for Kanye West, at least I like his music, cant say anything I like about the other two guys.

If America is going to down, the music played in the background should be AWESOME.


I would vote for Kanye in a heartbeat. In fact, I may just write him in…


–This is totally true.

I have repeatedly defended Trump on this board against folks who attack him as rough or uncouth: they seem to prefer the effete, smooth-talking but wimpy “leaders” like Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan, AKA folks who come off as polite yet who are also punching bags for the vicious left that attack them repeatedly. Trump did what Romney and his ilk couldn’t do (and likely never will), namely, win a nationwide election.

Trump is everything you say he is. He also (unlike the Romney/Ryan crowd) punches back.


So Bolton, the Generals, and others who have spent most of their lives in service to this country, and have left this administration in frustration over Trump’s actions, or tantrums, or whatever you want to call it should not be listened to because they are “disgruntled”? Really.

Does that mean you don’t listen to Trump who seems to be disgruntled every time someone doesn’t heap praise upon him? A guy who says after SCOTUS rulings that don’t go the way he wants them to that the SCOTUS doesn’t like “him” when the case had nothing to do with “him”.

Trump would rather have Steven Miller, Jared, and others who have zero geo political, military or other necessary experience surrounding him than people who really know what they are doing.

The man has zero character and only thinks about how he looks. Unfortunately, he realized that by holding the carrot of being somewhat anti abortion in front of Americans, a large number of them would simply follow blindly.

Sad state for America if you ask me.


I simply commented on Bolton, a disgruntled war-mongering neo-con who has pushed for unnecessary war his entire career. I made no comments about “Generals” or anyone else.

You’re making a lot of assumptions here my dude. I never made any kind of comment on Trump, only that posters like you would inevitably come along and scream “Orange Man Bad!” as you have done in your screed above.

Good thing literally no one asked you then.


–Yes, they should not be listened to.

Want to leave because you don’t like your boss? Fine. Everyone does that. But most don’t flee; immediately write an impossible-to-verify “alleged-tell-all” book with a million-dollar advance then act like they’ve done something virtuous. There is something shockingly disloyal to the nation in such conduct, bordering on treason. Same with the generals: Thank God we live in a nation where these folks are answerable to an elected civilian rather than the other way around. These generals need to say one of 2 things to every order Trump gives: 1) “yes, sir!” or 2) “I resign.”

What you call spending “most of their lives in the service of their country,” I call “being a member of the deep-state elite,” like, say, Lisa Page and Peter Strzok - both of whom belong in jail.

–Be honest, farron: Trump has had to deal with the most vicious haters imaginable, at literally every turn, including from his own party. The vitriol and viciousness leveled at him; and his wife; and his son Barron; is straight out of the mouth of hell - and you call that “not heaping praise on him?” Or say that it makes him “disgruntled?”


You obviously don’t realize we don’t have a dictatorship, if you think Generals only have two options when dealing with a President.

General Mattis, Kelly, McMasters are part of the deep state, really. Someone must be one of the Q folks.

Trump brings the hate upon himself due to his own hate and vitriol. But folks just ignore that and say, oh he is just kidding, that’s just him, or whatever they want to use to make excuses for his actions. When a person who is running for President says he could go out in the street and shoot someone and folks would still support him, that says a lot about him and his supporters.

And yes, he has had to deal with his own party having issues with him because he is not a Republican. He is not conservative in any sense of the word.


I do not know where this comes from. My issues are moral and go to his character, not his appearance.

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