Why Catholics Should Vote for Trump article

Canada looks to be at 28 and that is one good comparative stat but a country with an older population could look worse than one with a younger one despite best efforts so it’s really hard to determine right now how one country is faring against another across all metrics.

A massively uncharitable post.

I think of it the other way, if you don’t mind. My grandfather who lived through the Depression said that “…yes, 25% of the population was unemployed. But that meant 75% was employed. And that 75% were sometimes better off than they had been before.” Not a moral judgment, just an observation.

As a matter of fact, there are a lot of people who are better off now than they were before Covid because, despite a short period of business downturn (which I certainly had as well during February) demand was pent up and people are now more willing to do business. But while I can’t prove it, I think some people have decided to be more assertive in doing things than they might have been before.

And the point of the Poe short story is simply a dramatization of the inevitability of death regardless of all attempts to ward it off. it’s not a “class warfare” thing.

FWIW, you are the only person I’ve ever crossed sabres with who was kind enough to do so. Thank you.

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Then why state it as though you were claiming it’s true now? Misleading, to say the least.

But compliance depends on public acceptance. That is very difficult when the President himself downplays the compliance. How much compliance do you see among his supporters, even in places where those recommendations are mandated?

Because Trump has led you to believe that everyone is a hypocrite (except his supporters, of course).

Just look at compliance among Trump supporters and you will see that they most definitely do.

He leaves encouragement up to the states too, and then hobbles those states through his tweets and irresponsible statements.

His denigration of people who who wear them has that effect. Again, just look at the compliance (or lack of it) among his supporters.

More than half the states are seeing huge spikes. It is not just “certain regions” that can be dismissed as inconsequential.

Well, that’s good for you. Not so good for those other places, is it?

The “partly” is actually “mostly”.

You have a city telling white people to give up or forgo promotions because they are white. If you say something neutral about BLM or anything nearing racial sensitivity, including not wanting to enter the controversy, than your career and your life can be destroyed.
People are wanting to defund and in some cases get rid of police departments. This is all insane. Electing Biden will ramp up abortions. Trump is a bit of a moron, but he is certainly the best option there is.

I agree with 90% of what you’ve written here but just out of curiosity, how do you think electing a Dem would ‘ramp up’ abortions? Isn’t it already the law of the land? It’s not like there’s an ‘abortion lever’ that the president chooses to pull when he walks into the Oval Office.

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There is a huge amount of information on the subject. The laws of states vary. Some places support late term, others less. Some states have all but rid themselves of this scourge while other places have a ways to go.

Also cutting federal funding can play a huge difference. That is where Trump has made a lot of progress, domestically and internationally. So while the “presidential lever” can’t wipe out or throw open the doors to abortion all the way, it should be pretty clear to most how presidents along with their veto power can make a big difference when it comes to abortion laws.

Americans in general are very independent minded. Even if Trump was masking, most adults would make up their own mind. I mask in most circumstances. I generally don’t base my decisions on what politicians do or don’t do. How much compliance do you see among protesters and Democrat mayors, even in places where those recommendations are mandated?

Trust me. I thought that about politicians in general before Trump ever got into politics.

I’ve seen plenty of non-compliance from the general population from both sides. Mandatory masking nor it’s enforcement is very popular. People assess their own risk and respond accordingly.

States are not hobbled by tweets.

He doesn’t denigrate people who wear them. I wear them and haven’t felt denigrated by him. He may be critical of Dems motivations for wearing them but he hasn’t told the public not to listen to recommendations.

Four states are seeing over half of new daily cases. Yes, other states are spiking but not at high as the top four. Will that change? Maybe. It’s a fluid situation and it will continue to be so. I’m sure it’s not inconsequential where there are spikes. Nobody is saying that. I only brought it up because of the idea of a national mandate being presented and I think region by region is the way to deal with spikes, especially in a country as large as ours. If we have massive spikes in every single state, then we would probably, in effect, have a national mandate as governors respond.

Do you have the data that shows the percent of new hospitalizations related to covid as compared to non-covid reasons? I use the term “partly” for accuracy because I haven’t been able to find any data that would confirm “mostly” or “half” or “less than half.” Please share if you have found it.

There may be DNA related susceptibility to CODID-19

And Blood type

That’s wrong thinking. You don’t wear a mask to protect yourself. You wear a mask to protect others from you.

He does when he says that people wear them because they don’t like him.

I listen to what public health experts are saying. They say covid is responsible for the spike in hospitalizations.

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The government already pays for care and medical needs for children who are from poor families.

And they pay for day care (Head Start) for children (I believe this starts at age 2) and public school (all fees for poor children are covered, while kids from families with an adequate income have to pay their own fees).

Men who are not responsible enough to abstain from sex with a woman that they are not married (or even engaged to) are not likely to be responsible enough to hold down a job and use whatever money they earn to pay for medical expenses for a woman.

I suppose the law could track them down and force them to pay–with what money?! Many of these guys don’t make enough to pay for their own expenses, let alone the expenses of a woman and an unborn child!

I realize that a fairly large percentage of abortions are performed on women who have the means to have their prenatal care and birth expenses covered. I’m not sure that these women WANT a man to “take care of them.” This is one of the reasons why I don’t like to give to “toxic charities” that encourage women to adapt the mantra, “I don’t need a man to help me!” Maybe they don’t need a man, but children need a father.

I believe that a man and woman should only have sex if they are married and that they should be open to life and willing to take on the responsibilities, including financial, of caring for any children that are the result of their lovemaking. I’m pretty certain that those of us who hold that viewpoint are a very tiny number of Americans. And nowadays, even women who are happily married have abortions–the country has fallen for a vile Satanic lie. God help us.


Yes, I agree.

I do think that many Americans have lost any concept of what a “family” is. The media and the entertainment industry keep hammering it in that a family is any number of people of any age and any gender (or non-gender) who love each other.



Oh, I know the whole “My mask protects you and your mask protects me” mantra. I wear a mask to increase my personal protection. Studies have shown that surgical masks offer 67% protection for healthcare workers in preventing infection in healthcare settings. I have both cloth masks and surgical masks. I use a cloth mask if I don’t have any surgical masks figuring they are most likely less than 67% protection but more than nothing. Healthcare workers need them to protect themselves AND to protect patients so I don’t really get why they stress that a mask is not personal protection. My guess is that if they do say “your mask protects you and others,” it will give people a false sense of security and then they are less likely to observe distancing and hand-washing which would erase any whatever little boost wearing one may give. I don’t expect or want to depend on other persons decisions to wear a mask to protect me even though I appreciate it if they do. I see my protection of myself as my responsibility.

Well of course in a place that Covid cases are spiking there will also be a corresponding spike in Covid hospitalizations. No one is arguing that. The issue is that you corrected my use of the word partly in reference to covid being the reason for a spike in hospitalizations by saying covid is mostly the result of new hospitalizations. Do you have data that most new hospitalizations are due to Covid?

Not exactly how you figure that the 75% were better off than before. My mother and father lived through the depression. If folks were better off, it wouldn’t have been called the Great Depression. They would not be called the Greatest Generation.

You might just do some reading on the depression or talk to some of the few people who are still alive who lived through it.

Yea, I have O type blood and I smoke, which nicotine is supposed to reduce the risk of getting it, but you know what, I still wear my mask in public, wash my hands after touching each of my client files, and social distance. Still have my office closed to the public and am not going out to restaurants since the uptick.

Why, because when the home my 94 year old mother opens up again, I want to go give her a hug and a kiss, that she hasn’t gotten in over 3 months.

I don’t take those precautions for me, I take them for her and everyone else in the home she lives in.

lol I don’t need to read any articles to know to vote for pro life. It’s pretty obvious. The battle lines are pretty clear as the liberal left lays waste to the life teachings of Jesus as depicted in the five Catholic non negotiables. Our Lady said the final battle will be the attack on marriage and the family and it’s pretty obvious we are there now. Abortion, redefinition of marriage, gender ideology…it’s clear as to how Catholics should vote for President Trump.

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And my post had nothing to do with masks at all - wearing them nor not wearing them so your reply to me is nonsensical …

LeafByNiggle asserted there was

…There is no genetic predisposition to covid-19. None. Nada. Zip.

There are explanations offered for the statistics, and they have nothing to do with genetics. They have to do with food insecurity, economic disparities, environmental injustice, types of jobs they work, etc.

I was merely showing that there is information that offers a DNA connection to COVID-19 and a Blood type connection which while perhaps is not DNA is an inherited trait and not what she claimed in her post … No where is wearing a mask - pro or con - a part of my post

I can understand this. I think that something like the Finnish system would work–their health care is free and it is very very good, but they are also able to buy into “better plans” if they wish and if they have the income/resources. However, it seems like most regular folks (which I consider myself and my family) would be happy with the “regular health care plan.”

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