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Hello everyone, I am glad to be part of the community forum. Hope you are all well. I was wondering if anyone could point out to me why the Mystery Of Faith definition was changed in the Novus Ordo? From the meaning of the Real Presence, pointed out by Pope Paul VI, Pope Innocent III,and the Catechism Of The Council of Trent; to some thing completely different in wording… why the change? Pope Innocent wrote that the Mystery Of Faith was wording from the Apostles, why was it moved by Pope Paul VI from words of Consecration to wording by the congregation as wording as the introduction for acclamation? Would really like to here your views my brothers and sisters. Thank you.:slight_smile:


“Pope Paul VI approved the removal of the words of the mystery of faith from the consecratory formula of the wine not to diminish belief in transubstantiation but to “express more clearly” the actual words spoken by Jesus Christ during the Consecration”


It was not Pope Paul VI who made it into “wording by the congregation as wording as the introduction for acclamation” (to use your exact words).

It was a committee called ICEL in the early 1970’s which added the words “let us proclaim” to make it “let us proclaim the mystery of faith,” thereby completely changing the meaning of the text. Those words were never in the Latin text of the Mass (not before, during, or after Pope Paul VI).

ICEL made many such changes to the Mass. We now have an accurate translation (not an interpretation or an alteration as we had before) of the Church’s Mass in English.

This just one example of why the new (really the first) English translation is so important.


Good point, Father. Pope Paul didn’t make changes to the Gloria, Credo, Sanctus, Agnus Dei, and Pater Noster either. Nor in the Roman Canon for the most part. But those translation wars were something else.

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