Why Christians should want Islam to be taught in schools

A Californian mother’s rant about Islam being taught in schools has gone viral in yet another embarrassing display of the rampant ignorance that plagues so many of our friends across the pond, desperate to protect America’s non-existent Christian heritage.

Tara Cali of Bakersfield, California, posted a photo online of her son’s homework assignment which asked students to name the five pillars of Islam and summarise Islamic beliefs and practices.


Some of the comments below accuse the government of brainwashing children and implying that Christianity is being pushed out of schools, while Islam is actively encouraged.

This is basically the concern. It doesn’t have to do with something personal against Islam, but against the American left’s double standard of shunning Christianity while promoting Islam because it’s :cool: and different.

I would like to see these leftists live in a Sharia society.

See how they like it.

They’re such optimists I’m sure the girls would just talk about how handy it is to have a tent available for all occasions. And the guys would just say how nice it is not to have to shave anymore.

I’m sure they’d just try to get along. And be inclusive. And get rid of infidels. And stuff.



So our Christian heritage is “nonexistent”, hmmm, I wonder if these Brits would same the same about their own country.


I’m for the mother in California. America running scared again. Bow down and pretend we really care for Islam religion over our religions of Christianity and Judaism.

the author in the article said Britain was because they had a state church.

Public schools should not be teaching anything about any religion because the teachers aren’t qualified to teach the subject.

If they want the kids to learn about various religions, they should invite leaders of those religions to come to the school and give a basic presentation so the kids can learn from those who know what they’re talking about.

When I was a kid that’s what my schools did. We heard from rabbis and priests and ministers, etc.–from all the various religious groups in our area. It was enlightening and helpful to our social development. It in no way induced any of us to abandon our own faith communities but rather opened up discussions and cleared the air of misconceptions. I would think that would be acceptable even in progressive CA. :shrug:

The authors of both articles said America isn’t Christian but Britain is because it has a State Church:confused:

Here’s the thing: Of course not all Muslims are extremists ( Americans are accused of thinking this is one article) but if you are going to teach one religion in public school, you need to teach them all, equally. Islam, Judaism, Christianity, Buddhism.
Notice how it’s only Christianity in public schools or the public square that they are against and out comes the Americans United for separation of church and state? They seemingly have no problem with other religeons being taught.(crickets)
This is how we dealt with it. Our sons went to parochial (Lutheran) school from K-8 where they learned all about their faith and church. Not possible for all, I know.
They went to public high school where frankly I had no problem with other faiths being taught as long as Christianity got equal time.

I see you are stirring the pot again.

The issue is that any “official” teaching about Islam in schools and elsewhere in the West excludes virtually any negative comments, even if they are true or simply quotations from the Qur’an and hadith. So what you are left with are only positive statements. A great example (one of many) is the book “The Muslim Next Door” by Sumbul Ali-Karamali. If Disney were making a book about Islam, this would be it. If this was the sort of thing taught in schools, conversions to Islam would sky rocket. And of course the next logical step would be for local imams to “volunteer” to come in a teach the Islamic section of religion courses because of their superior knowledge. Teaching about any religion in public schools has great potential for problems.

No, I linked an article for discussion from Christian Today.

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