why condemn the SSPX


Why is it that many Catholics condemn the SSPX with such vehemence and yet say very little, if anything, about the liberals who are trying to rid the Church of all things Catholic? Why do they condemn the SSPX as being outside the Church, while at the same time praising God for the faith being taught at heretic ecclesial communities?

This is question is for anyone, but especially for those Catholics that are in fact orthodox, but still dislike the SSPX.

Please remember Christian charity in your responses.:slight_smile:


Uh, I’m an equal opportunity condemner.:wink: But seriously, what makes you think that we do this? I’ve fought very hard against the liberal dissidents in my diocese and on these forums. This is a traditional forum. The focus is on the traditional types. If you go on the other forums, you will find people taking to task the likes of Andrew Greely and Mahoney. Very much like this forum, you will find people praising them and those that are none too happy with them.

The reason I mostly participate in this forum is that I go to a very faithful church and I run across the radical traditionalist far more than I run across the liberal dissidents. It’s not like I couldn’t throw a rock and hit the latter but my day to day dealings are with the former.


How blessed you are; everywhere I’ve been (military family…did a lot of traveling) we’ve dealt with liberals and liturgical abuse…the bishop of our current diocese is known for being holy and yet he totally blew me off when I brought up liturgical abuses that were going on at our parish (actual abuses, not just “traditionalist” preferences.)

Also, I posted this question (well, those questionS) on this forum because I’ve seen some very liberal Catholics come here for debate, not that there’s anything wrong with debating, as long as the personal attacks stay out. Now I’m off topic.

Anyway, I’m glad the area you live in isn’t as corrupt as mine.


What is the SSPX? Have no idea what it is.


Similar to Bear06, I am fortunate to live in an area where we have numerous fine liturgies inlcuding access to several Extraordinary form Masses.

I am always greatly disheartened by the SSPX because what they do is so very destructive. They are very much a tool of evil in that they find a way to separate very devout, holy, and intelligent people from the Pope and the Magisterium. Certainly, there are liberal organizations that do the same and they are evil as well. What is disheartening is that the very people who fall prey to the SSPX would likely be the strongest and most devout within a Catholic parish. By taking their families elsewhere, they are missing out on the great opportunity to show other “mainstream” Catholics that a love for tradition ought to be a fundamental part of every Catholic’s life.

It is easy for the Devil to conquer the lukewarm, but through the SSPX, he has managed to conquer many of the strongest and most devout.

Just like Bishop Bruskewitz, I am opposed to SSPX and also Catholics for Free Choice and other such liberal organizations.


It is the Society of Saint Pius X. It is a group of bishops and priests who are not in complete union with Rome following a schismatic act of episcopal consecration without papal mandate in 1988.


I should’ve had this question posted with the others originally but, let’s say that Pope Benedict, or his successor, were to declare the excommunications unjust and invalid, would you still refer to the SSPX as evil? I’m not trying to smart off, it is a sincere question.


Actually, my area had a long history of liturgical abuses. I simply have found the church that didn’t. We fought against these abuses and now we have a great new bishop who has to right 25 years of poor education and liturgical abuse. It’s not perfect yet but he’s stamping out the fires one at a time. I’m sure we have years of correction ahead of us. I now drive 45 minutes to get to a place that resembles the way things are supposed to be.


No, absolutely not. Should the Pope declare them invalid, I would obey and abide his decision. Should he lift them, I would welcome them back into the Church. I would, however, still hold that they acted immorally by disobeying the Pope. In other words, I believe that a faithful Catholic priest who has been (even unjustly) suspended by The Holy See ought to abide by his suspension and protest to Rome to have it removed. What he ought NOT to do, is disregard Rome and continue to offer Mass even though he has been ordered not to do so. Obviously, if they came back, this would be forgiven.

While there is a chance of him declaring them lifted, there is virtually no chance of him declaring them unjust especially since he has reaffirmed them many times when he was in the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith.


I’d rejoice. That said, I don’t think that will happen. I hope, however, that they will be lifted.


I was gonna say! Me, too!:wink:


Evil is a strong word. I don’t think they are evil.

I also don’t think Pope Benedict will be saying that they were unjust or invalid. I think he will simply lift them. It’s important to remember that the excommunications were *latae sentitiae *(latent in the act or acts themselves). The Servant of God Pope John Paul II didn’t excommunicate anyone, he simply confirmed that they had excommunicated themselves. I wouldn’t look for Pope Benedict to do anything that will impugn the memory of his predecessor. He’ll simply lift them.


You cannot be Catholic without being subject to the Holy Father the pope. To be so has practical consequenses and our fathers in the Faith have payed dearly for their communion with the pope. I say this even though I can sympathize with the SSPX.


The SSPX has many valid objections to Vatican II. Bishop LeFebre (?) asked for and did not receive a fair hearing for all his concerns. The Liberals were in charge and they let him know that. His actions were radical in my belief . They still place themselves under the Holy Father and pray for him. In time I believe Pope Benedict will find a way to bring them in full communion. He will have to throw a bone to the dogs who are gnashing their teeth.


Really—who else have you both been condemning along with the SSPX.


Ohhh I heard a priest on EWTN during the homily at the mass, and I don’t recall which priest, but he said he gets e-mail from them (SSPX) all the time and now he doesn’t answer the e-mail anymore and he suggested that is what we are suppose to do if we do, do not answer their e-mail.

It sounded like a direct order, to me anyways. :shrug:


I don’t get my marching orders from EWTN.:smiley: I quit watchin it.:thumbsup:


Sad that Catholics don’t want to see the real solution. After all of the wars that we had the world was ready to give in to the Church no joke. And then the Church betrays herself and gives themselves to the world. After so much war, hate and stuff like that the Catholic faithful were more fervent then ever and more Catholic than ever. Family relatives that died and so on. Then Vatican II happens what a pity =-(. :shrug: The SSPX simply kept radition and still does. The indult masses all of them were ex-SSPX so for you people that like the trad. mass you have to humble yourself and accep the reality, the SSPX kept the Latin Mass alive for you even to this day. Archsbishop Lefevbre did not have it easy he was already going to retire. If he was so bad and all like so many people portray him, he coulda simply just continued to live his life in the Latin Mass all to himself and just simply done nothing. :slight_smile: But he saw that it was neccessary to do this, for people who still believe that the Pope is Pope (Vat II Popes) and want to attend the traditional mass. i.e a non-sedevacantist Mass.


i guess it’s a fine line between pious dissidence (traditionalist catholics) and outright rebellion (ultratraditionalist groups like the SSPX), but may i suggest the former resent the latter for having crossed it?

based on my own observations i would assume the traditionalist catholics have no shortage of outrage at modernizers within the church. are these the same people who you think are too soft on liberals?


You realize, of course, that is completely non-sensical for them to claim that they recognize the Pope and then fail to yield to his proper authority and canon law. At least the sedevacantists are intellectually honest. [Edited by Moderator]

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