Why correct?


I was talking with my dear old aunty about this and that on religous matters and how I was talking with a gentleman on religous issues. She told me to let it go, that it wasn’t an issue of salvation (she’s not Catholic and has a broad definition of what is not an issue of salvation). I want to say that Correction is one of the spiritual acts of mercy (or something like that) and that we should correct. But, I was wondering what I should think about this? Are there theological issues that we don’t have to really care about correcting in others or should we correct all that we can? Thanks and God bless.


That’s a good question. I have considered this myself… although more along the lines of “What do I have the responsibility to correct?”

I’ve decided to evaluate my interaction with people based on two criteria. The first criteria is whether it will help or hinder the person’s spiritual development. Not everyone can accept the Truth all at once. Some people need to take their time and work things through slowly, getting fed a little of the Truth at a time. The second criteria is whether my advice is part of, or supports in a real way, those things that the Church holds to be true in matters of faith and morals.

Does this give you any good ideas? Hope it helps.

God bless,



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