Why demons torture the Damned


I’ve heard that the reason why Satan and his Demons torture the damned in hell so much is because they are extremely jealous of the second chance that the human race has on this earth. Whereas the angels sinned only once and they were immediatly sent to hell, they had no second chance that humans on earth do from Christ. And thus this is the reason why the demons and Satan love to torture the reprobate in Hell so, because of their utter jealousy of their second chance that they so stupidly threw away… we humans sin how many times here on earth before we die?? Hundreds of thousands maybe, and even then we still have a second chance?? Compared to only ONE sin that the angels commited, no second chance, immediatly thrown away from God… I think this here really shows the magnitude of how great the gift of Christ is, and how utterly stupid it is to throw this away…


no views on this??


I’ve read all of the Bible a few times (some books of the Bible more than others) and do not recall any passage that describes demons torturing people in hell. This might be an invention of Dante as depicted in his Inferno, which is entertaining reading, BTW. I’m not sure if it is a teaching of the Roman Catholic Church.


It isn’t. This is part of the popular conception that Satan rules in hell. Actually, he doesn’t. He suffers there just like all its occupants. But for the time being he has been given limited control over earth.

At the end of all this though, Satan’s defeat is assured, along with those of his cohorts. And they’ll be weeping and gnashing their teeth in hell, just like everyone else there.


… In the St. Ignatius Loyola Exercises it kinda implies this. As well as Dante… Because Satan and Demons are angels they do have more power over humans…

Lotsa Catholic art shows this also…

The Apocolypse of Peter also shows certain tortures…

1/3 of the angels didn’t have a second chance… there must be some type of anamosity…


Perhaps a better question would be< why do demons hate humans so much?


IMHO…I believe they hate us so much because God loves us.


Yes, exactly… We have the gift of salvation. whereas they didn’t…


Livid pictures of tortures of the damned exist in a lot of Apocryphal Old and New Testament books, especially of the apocalpytic genre. The book of Enoch for example, goes into a lot of detail about angels, heaven, hell, creation, and the throne room of God.

There are also several apocryphal Gospels and Acts written in the New Testament period and after which describe the torments of hell for sinners, the Gospel of Peter being the most gruesome. These ideas probably influenced a lot of the Fathers and Christian art and iconography, especially during the medieval period. Dante is a classic example, though he also drew ideas on hell from Homer and Virgil. The pagans too had their infernal underworld.


Pope John Paul II has a good writing on Heaven, Hell, and Purgatory. You can do a search online with those key words and include Catholic. You will find a teaching from him on this.


I agree with you. One should never be superstitious. The Scriptures are for guidance of the humans so one should believe in creeds for which one could invariably find Claim and Reason directly from one’s Revealed Book. Kindly let God speak for Claim and Reason to know the truth for sure.


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