Why did God allow or make homosexual animals?

It is clear that many animals exhibit homosexual behavior. A Youtube search will make it evident. My question is, why would God make or allow animals to be homosexual? It seems, through Catholic theology, humans act out on homosexual inclinations because of “the fall”. That begs the question, why would our fall cause animals to be be “disordered”, as the church puts it? Answers to the effect of them being animals without rational thought doesn’t quite sit with me since God is still allowing this behavior whether explicitly or not.

I’m not interested in opinion or debate here. If anyone has any church sources or saint quotes on this issue, I would appreciate it. This is something that tests my faith in a big way.

Dear friend,

Homosexuality in animals is not disordered in the sense that it is in human beings because only the latter are created in God’s image and likeness. Animals also eat their young. They do not have rational intellects as humans do and therefor are not subject to morality. Animals cannot sin. This is not begging the question; if animals do not have rational intellects, they are not made in God’s image and likeness and so whatever their behavior is, it cannot and does not offend God.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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