Why did God allow this to happen?

My husband read to me an article from newspaper yesterday that over 200 people died in Peru when a Catholic church collapsed just minutes before mass ended killing the faithful from an earthquake. Had these people committed sin and missed mass their lives probably would have been spared! Now why would God allow something like this to happen and just minutes before the people were to leave the church?? (my Protestant sister pointed out to me that it was a CATHOLIC church God smithed!)


God alone knows the best time for us to return to Him. If these people had committed sin by deliberately missing Mass, then they would have been far worse off than attending Mass and being called home! To see their death as the worse option is to see it without the benefit of faith. We have to think outside the human box. Life here is not our home. It is merely a preparation for our eternal union with God—which IS home!

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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