Why did God Choose Mary?


Could someone answer this question. Why did God choose Mary to be the Mother of Jesus?

My wife (who is working on becoming Catholic) has asked me this question.



God didn’t really choose her - he made her from the toes up, as he makes all of us. Hence the Immaculate Conception, so that she’d be the best possible vessel and vehicle to bring Christ into the world.

Pretty neat, huh :cool:



Do you have any idea what Immaculate Conception means?


Nice way to take away her free choice and make Our Lady a robot.:frowning:


Mary chose God. She said YES.

There was not a moment she did not avail herself to him. God stands outside of time.
Keep this in mind when you think of the Holy Spirit filling her with Grace.

From the moment of her conception.

As far as what Lily said, I dont know what she is talking about.:confused:



take a look at this. its from the CA library:



Lily is right in saying that “he made made her from the toes up”. She was created to be with out sin, just like Eve. The difference is that Eve said no to God and Mary said yes. God chose to create a male and female in the beginning and they went against God’s will. Then God chose to, for a lack of a better term, “reverse” that no with a sinless male and female that said yes (Jesus and Mary). Note that if Mary would have said no, Jesus would not have been born at that time.


Is this what they teach now?


I’m not suggesting in the slightest that she didn’t have free choice. We all have free choice.

The Immaculate Conception means she was cleansed from Original Sin and given the grace to avoid actual Sin - all from the moment of her conception - how has anything I’ve said contradict that?


Here’s my thought :tiphat:

God chose Mary because He’s God and He knows things! :cool: God knew the perfect moment and the perfect vessel and the perfect parents and husband for that vessel and sometimes our tiny brains :ehh: can’t understand everything that God does.

I like to think that someday in Heaven God will share some insight with us. But until then, I just figure He knew what He was doing. :thumbsup:

And everybody here is right: God chose Mary and Mary chose God! What a great team!



What are you referring to specifically?


Well said. I am always distressed at this concept that she won the Miss Nazareth contest. :rolleyes:


I’m guessing that by saying God created her sinless we’re negating her free will - as if she had less free will than Eve who was also created sinless :rolleyes:



My post was in response to BobP123. God creating Mary sinless does not in any way negate her free will, it makes it more powerful. As Fr. Cropai said in his Immortal Combat series, " The saints is heaven still have free will…, it has come to its fullness".


I did mean that that’s probably what he meant.


We are speaking past each other.

Your words are what I am going by, and keep in mind you are speaking to someone who does not just take this on faith.

I am still wondering what you meant. As a cradle.


I think I might have mis stated my question. Let me put it in this context:

Why did God choose Mary and not someone else?


That’s an unanswereable question.
Why does God do ANYthing he wills to do?
Only HE knows.


Because it was His Will & good pleasure to do so :slight_smile: - just as with anything else He does.

The problem with language about God’s choice, is that it can imply that God deliberates, as men do, as though choosing between different courses of action; for this implies change in God. We speak like this, because that is how *we *act; so we always have to remind ourselves that our descriptions of God are inadequate.

Other parts of the answer seems to be, because that choice
*]glorifies His Beloved Son Jesus Christ
*]conduces to His Glory
*]serves to make the Name of God glorious among His creatures
*]shows that He is wonderful in His Saints
*]exalts Him in His Church which He has chosen
*]is a work of His grace “from before the foundation of the world” - Mary is predestinated & elected, because Jesus Christ is;
*] - He is “the heir of the ages”, & she is chosen to have the vocation of being His mother
*]- - which is very interesting - for it seems a very “tame” way for God to act, very lacking in outward splendour or visible importance; yet this seems to be typical of His behaviour in the gospels[/LIST]Her election & predestination stand out, because she is the prime example of a pattern of the way in which God treats all Christians. She is not an oddity, or an exception - far from it: the way God acts toward her, is in essence no different from the way He acts toward all His chosen people. So in a sense, she is the typical Christian disciple.

(FWIW, I think that’s a fairly standard view of her)


Gottle of Geer
Thank you very much!:thumbsup:

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