Why did God choose Mary?


A friend asked Why God chose Mary? Do we have any specific Tradition associated with Why she was chosen instead of someone else?


I don’t know, but since coming as a human was God’s plan he would have always picked someone. If the girl happened to be called Ruth or Lydia, we would have the 'Blessed Virgin Ruth", kwim?

The same with Peter or Paul. I’ve heard lots of protestants put Paul up on a pedestal almost to the level we associate with Mary. “Where would we be without Paul!?!” But, God would simply have used someone else. And then we’d have lots of letters written by the apostle Thaddeus.

Yes, Mary’s personality and willingness are extremely important. But we honor her for role and her service and for the graces that God bestowed on her. If she had not been chosen to be Jesus’ mother, we would not honor her any more than we do the other women disciples.


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