Why did god create drugs, were they raw materials at first?

Were they all raw materials at first but man turned them into drugs? Like I could see hemp as being used for materials, opium is pain medication when used properly, tabacco i am not sure about, nor am i sure about cocaine, or mushrooms(drug), pyote, dmt,sassafras looked like it was used for normal medical uses but unsure, and i dont know, can someone help me on this, because i don’t know why god would create something knowing it would be used to “get high”.

Thank you.

The world is full of things that can be used or misused in many different ways.

God created chemicals (mostly by way of supernovas).

Man figured out ways to misuse them.

God did not create a world where it would be impossible for us to misuse it. If that’s what he wanted, it would be more straightforward to simply not give us free will.

God created life and gave it such an amazing adaptability that living things can do almost anything to adapt to their environment and thereby to survive.

Humans did not invent many drugs. We took them from other living things. Bacteria, molds, and other organisms “invented” antibiotics for their own defense against other species of microorganisms. Plants “invented” nicotine and caffeine probably as a defensive adaptation against insects or other pests. I am not sure about opium, cocaine, mushroom toxins, etc., but these too may serve as a defense against certain herbivorous animals.

Humans can use just about anything for either good or evil. A knife may be used to prepare a meal or to murder. The evil is not in the things themselves, but in our inappropriate use of them.

You could say the same about fire.

You are confusing the moral order (moral good and evil) with the physical order (which in a way can be said to be good or evil as well).

As Augustine realised, evil does not exist in itself but only as a lack in something good.

Hence moral evil involves a human failing to choose the right things.
Hence in the physical order my broken beerglass is bad because beerglasses that cannot hold beer don’t do what they are made to do.

Sharks are created wonderfully good things in themselves, beautifully evolved to survive.
But in a world distorted by original sin the lion and lamb do not lie down in peace for the survival of one necessitates the death of the other. It may even be that is how God made the world. He is the Lord of life and death, not us. Who are we to say their planned death is evil?

Honestly I just thought of the idea that includes that all those plants that have drugs in them are like, poisons in a way of making you go through different ways of being crazy, sick, delirious, having feverish effects of being delerious and seeing visions, turning on different parts of the brain that are not supposed to turn on and turning off others that are not supposed to be off therefore making you go through many stages of crazy, even quiet possibly, death and coma, and dependence, like a poison does, think of it as a poison to the body, so maybe that all people that would see others taking that drug would see the effects of it and stay from this poison, like sheep with their shepard, i guess, rather animalistic but thats the only way i can describe it is the fact that all poisons should be avioded

then again i wont lie that some poison is used to conteract pain, in a way, in low doses, like morphine or sassafras used on wounds, (correct me if i am wrong). But very much so that most of these plants were used for medical purposes while others would be poisonious and even change you forever or just short term. Thank you, God bless you all.

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