Why did God create man?

Why would a God who knows all things in all ages create a being so troubled as man? Our violence against one another, our greed and our history of inhumanity to man are enough that we can be repulsive even to ourselves so how much more repulsive to God must our fallen civilization be? Why would an all knowing God create such a beast as man?

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If man weren’t troubled, would he perceive a need for God?

Remember what God is. He is not an old man floating on a cloud. He is THE supreme being with no end, perfect in all ways. He is your fulfillment because He he made you and knows you inside and out.

He is so infinitely above us. He knows exactly why we are troubled and what good it would bring. Sometimes we wonder why there is so much moral wrong, faults, accidents, broken relationships, physical pain, and suffering in the world. We aren’t perfect because we are not God. But because our fulfillment is Him, our Maker (remember, He knows us best), our goal is to strive to be like Him more and more. And we know what that means because we have conscience and his own teaching. He did come visit us, after all :rolleyes:

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We are created to glorify God, not because He needs it, but because “it is meet and right so to do”.

God didn’t create man to be evil, man chose that himself and brought evil upon himself and the world. He may permit evil only to bring out a greater good from it. All suffering is redemptive when united to Christ on the cross, man can’t say God doesn’t know what it is like to suffer.

Quite! We, and all of His works and creation are good.

Which isn’t to say that we don’t get about to a great deal of bad.

I recall the catechism of my youth:

Why did God make me?

God made me to know Him, to love Him, and to serve Him in this world, so that I can be happy with Him forever in the next.

I agree creation and most certainly man is good and pleasing to God! I was more specially talking about Adam and the Fall, we weren’t created to have the darken intellect that we do, Adam and Eve chose to love themselves instead of God and not trust Him. When you spiritually get to the point where you want to die to yourself and sincerely want to only do the will of God which is a battle to even get to that point you realize how hard it is to rid yourself of darkness because it is so much part of who we are, it’s a reckless abandonment and trust in God that makes that transformation even possible. It is incredibly hard to give up your free will and it seems that man can only give it up piece by piece because it is so hard to take yourself out of things and completely surrender and trust in God.

Good Evening Babylonfalling: I often wonder if the problem lies in the way we view God in the west as some sort of creator, watchmaker, tinkerer or cosmic Gepetto. If this were the case, God would be a flawed maker of things because things didn’t turn out perfect, or at least in our opinion and the opinion of our theology it didn’t turn out so well. In this world view the other option is that God is perfect, makes no errors and everything is as it’s supposed to be, which means God is not all good. If we think of God as some sort of builder, we only have those two options - not perfect or not all good. Let’s be honest - not even free will solves this conundrum, because if God knew all things He would have also known how free will would come out as well, which leads right back to option 2 - not all good.

Therefore, I offer for consideration, the idea that we and all things in the universe are simply expressions of God, as waves are expressions of the ocean. As waves, we are not something separate from God or one another. As waves, we’re just what the ocean happens to be doing at the moment in a given place. Peace is not accessible on the surface where the illusory individuality of waves exists. Peace lies in the fathomless depths were there is stillness, and the ability to see that while we perceive ourselves as individual waves, storms and perhaps drops of water, there is in fact only the ocean. It is possible to see in this world view that we are all one thing expressed as many. In this view, the only thing wrong with us is our perception. In such a view of the world, God is in fact all knowing, all perfect and all good - the alpha, the omega and all things in between. And the best part is that we’re part of it, rather than a failed experiment in creation. To think that we are such is to sell God short, I think. I don’t think we are bad or good, perfect or flawed. I think we simply are how God unfolds into temporal existence and experience - the vine and it’s branches as He Himself said.

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I think we need to TRY to see things from the divine, eternal perspective to the best of our ability which admittedly isn’t much. We are still in the process of creation, maybe at the very beginning of it. We can’t say it’s flawed because it isn’t perfect yet.

God knew we would go through a fall and He created us anyway. Giving true glory to God may well include our willing and wanton return to God, from the fall.

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