Why did God create the different races?


What is the biblical explanation for the different races of the world?


Tower - of Babel.


Race is a social construct to divide human beings.


What do you mean by ‘social construct?’ Race is also biological.

I want to know why God made people with different genetic features and placed them in separate nations and lands. He created the Japanese and the Africans who look very different from each other and live thousands of miles apart. Why?


In my opinion, God did not necessarily create ethic groups. Instead, God created an intelligent human race with the capacity to adapt to many unique environments. The “races” or ethnicities that developed are really a consequence of our capacity to adapt to a wide range of environments.


One the other hand, the Biblical explanation is the Tower of Babel, as Seagull noted, but that is more mythic, in my opinion, than historical.


I don’t think He created different races, per se. Adam and Eve had all the genetic diversity in their DNA. And after the Tower of Babel when people were dispersed and scattered across the Earth, groups of people became more isolated and certain genetic features became more prominent in the different groups.


Yes, there is a wide range of human beings, but the idea of three “races” is made up. A pygmy and a Maori are both considered black, a redhead and a southern Italian both white, a Philippine and a Chinese both Asian.

Dividing people by skin color is just nonsensical. It’s superficial and useless.


But God surely planned that the different racial groups would develop. We also see in the Bible that God did not want the Jews to marry the Canaanite people. The ancient Hebrews deliberately kept themselves racially distinct and separate from the other peoples. This is very strange to me and I don’t understand the reasons why


This is what I don’t understand. It seems to me that everything would be better if there was a single race with the same colour skin and the same genetic features etc. However, there is racial variety and I believe God must have had a reason for creating these differences. Perhaps evolution provides the true answer to this question. For example, maybe black skin developed in response to the hot climate in which the peoples lived.


See, in my opinion, God created the capacity to adapt so people could live in a variety of places without dying.

Eschatalogically, I think having a variety of ethnic groups helps us become stronger as the one body of Christ. We learn and grow from each other and learn more about the human experience. We know God more fully as a result of that diversity of human experience.


No, everything would be better if we didn’t make any sort of deal about how we look different. But Satan wants to divide us…


This seems to be the reason. Racial differences are the result of evolution and natural selection. We believe and know that every person on this earth is a child of Adam and Eve. We are all one family. However, the differences arose in response to different climactic conditions. Therefore, racial differences prove that evolution occurred.


The Hebrews keeping themselves separate and distinct from the Canaanite and other pagan nations has more to do with religion than genetics. The pagan nations were idol worshipers who often sacrificed their children to their gods. The Hebrews were commanded to stay away from those corrupting influences (they were easily led astray!). They were God’s chosen people and needed to keep the faith pure.

However, people could forsake their pagan religion and choose to become a Hebrew and worship God. Look at Rahab the harlot…she joined the Hebrews after the battle of Jericho as one example. Also, when Moses married Zipporah, a Midianite woman, God was very angry that Moses did not immediately circumcise his two sons. They needed the outward sign of being part of God’s chosen people, the Hebrews.

We are all one “race”, the human race. Don’t focus so much on the outward appearance…categorizing people by skin color is a silly endeavor. God looks on the heart and so should we. We are ALL called to be part of God’s family.


I would agree on a micro-level, but since we are all still the same species, I wouldn’t call it evolution per-se.

However, I would say that our ethnic differences largely reflect natural selection.


But God did divide us by allowing the different races to develop and by allotting the times and boundaries of different nations. Satan has nothing to do with this genetic variety. And we also know that God himself made a deal about it when he chose the Jewish race for himself.


Yes I agree. We are all called to be part of God’s family - the Catholic Church. Race was important in Old Testament times and continues to be for Jews today, which is why the orthodox say that Jewish status depends on having a Jewish mother. In the new covenant, race is no longer important.


Not being a smarty but because He wanted to. He didn’t need any of us but He wanted us to be here for His specific purpose and reason.


If there was only one race, there would be all sorts of runners, swimmers, jockeys and racecar drivers who would be out of luck, since that single race had already been run. So that would suck.


I don’t understand how a variety of ethnic groups makes us stronger. If anything, it makes us weaker because it divides us along superficial lines.

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