Why did God created the Tree of Knowledge?


This is a theological challenge. Anyone want try to answer this.

Why did God created the Tree of Knowledge which bear the fruit, that would Adam and Eve ate?

If God had not created this tree, sin would probably not come into this world. So the question remains, why did God created the Tree of Knowledge?


It could have been a literary device used to illustrate a process in which one learns good and evil. I assume He made it for the angels? Did the angels have knowledge of good and evil?


Okay, I’ll bite (no pun intended.)

I believe God created the Tree of Knowledge in the Garden of Eden as an initial test of obedience. I believe God had just had a huge etherial battle with Satan and his followers and He wanted to create another form of life that would freely choose to obey God.

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Dominus vobsicum


It marks the beginning of humanity’s salvation story. Humanity is still trying to recover from that first sin.

Dominus vobsicum


Probably to sustain free will. If God had not created the Tree of Knowledge, would Adam and Eve have had the free will to choose against God?

I’m pretty sure this wouldn’t be temptation…just sustaining free will.


I believe it was a symbol of limitation. He was reminding us that “we aren’t God”, so we have to obey him just because he said so. He is the Father and we are the children and sometimes the parent knows better and the children aren’t even capable of understanding the “why”. So the children just need to accept the Father’s instructions “on faith”.


this is the reason I personally believe it was there… then again, i think that the interpretation of early genesis is more metaphorical (and metaphysical) than most…


It was a test, pure and simple.


Pope John Paul II gave a great teaching on Adam and Eve and the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. Thought it might have been in “The Theology of the Body” but couldn’t find it there. So I’ll just give it as good as my memory allows!

The Pope spoke of Adam’s time in the garden, the freedoms, learning who he was - human, not animal. And as a human, discovering his superiority over being an animal. But it was important for man to know his limitations also - that he is inferior to God. It is God alone who determines good and evil. When Adam and Eve ate of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, they were usurping God’s role.



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